Saturday, December 8, 2018

Dinner with Chuck and Glo

We were invited to some old friends' home for dinner tonight.  They recently moved into a condo and thought this might be a nice housewarming/Christmas gift.  I quickly put it together this morning, raw-edge applique and even all-machine binding work.  

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Weekend at Kelly's

It was a great weekend to visit family.  We went to Pennsylvania to visit with Kelly and her family.  Evelyn went to Homecoming.  On the left is a photo of Rick, Evelyn and me...Evelyn is 15 years old.  To the right is (L-R) Nathan 11, Vivian 8, Evelyn 15 and Anna 11.  

Vivian turned 9 years old!!!  She is growing up right before our eyes (but they all are and I surely wish they would slow down)!

The only thing that could have made this weekend better was for Jennifer and her family to be with us.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Mundane musings

Well, I guess it's time for another blog's been a while!

Things around here have been busy.  Nothing crazy, just the normal day-to-day things that all people have going on in their lives.

Rick had his cataract removed and there was a little issue, so we've been going to the ophthalmologist a little more often.  He's doing ok now, so that's a relief.

I've decided I'm either not going to go back to the gynecologist at all or at least I'm going to find a new one.  I loved my previous doctor...she was fabulous.  She made you feel good about yourself - in fact, she made you feel good about being a woman!  She has moved to another part of the state and she is truly missed.  The woman who took her place doesn't treat her patients at all the same.  My sister and some of my friends have told me that their primary physicians say their gynecological appointments are no longer necessary.  I'm going to check and be sure, but I think this current doc is going by the wayside.

Not a very interesting post but some feelings have been documented!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Lily's very own space

Almost every Friday, my sister and I head out to do a little shopping/garage sales, a bite of lunch and pickleball.

I've been looking for a crate for Lily because she seems to like lounging in Sophie's crate.  In my opinion, Sophie's bed/crate is hers and hers alone.  She shouldn't have to share it.

I came upon this and once I made a cushion, I picked her up and tucked her inside.  She really likes it a lot and I believe she likes having her very own space, too!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Best yogurt yet!

I eat yogurt nearly every day.  I was buying (and eating) Light & Fit (no sugar, but artificially sweetened) and my daughter kind of gave me heck because it's not really a "healthy" thing to eat.

I haven't made yogurt for a long time.  While visiting said daughter, she had made yogurt in her Instant Pot.  It was fabulous yogurt, but I don't have an InstantPot!  I hate to buy one JUST to make yogurt, and if we all know that I'm not cooking much for us.

Anyway, I've decided that come Christmas time (Black Friday) the InstantPot goes on sale for quite a discount.  I've thought about it and think I'll get one for myself.  I plan to purge my slow cookers (I have two), my yogurt maker, my electric soup pot along with a few other big cooking vessels.

One appliance to replace several sounds like a good thing for me.  I'm working on losing weight via Jenny Craig, and once my weight is off, I plan to cook from the Skinnytaste cookbooks.  The woman who writes the books embraces the InstantPot, so I think I'm going to invest.

ANYWAY, to tell you about my best yogurt yet...

When making yogurt, you are to heat the milk to 180F.  I've done a lot of reading and found a woman who "swears" that if you keep your milk at 180F for 30 minutes, your yogurt will be creamier.  Ok...I tried doing that with the last batch and it was good.

Yesterday I made yogurt again.  I usually purchase Fage plain Greek yogurt to use as my starter.  Instead of my "regular", I purchased Chobani plain Greek yogurt and used it as my starter.  I heated the milk to 180F and held it at that temperature for 30 minutes.  Ice bath to bring the milk to 115F and add 2 TBL of yogurt and mix well.  Poured into a glass bowl and put it to "cook" in my yogurt maker for nearly 11 hours.  Then I put it in the fridge till morning.

In the morning, I stirred the yogurt and tasted it.  Not bad.  I put it in a piece of muslin and hung it from the cupboard handle and let the whey drain into a bowl for several hours.  When I put it in my yogurt container to set in the fridge to be used, I tasted it.  OHMYGOSH!!!  This is FABULOUS!  It's smooth, it's not sharp in flavor and the consistency is just incredible.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

My new friend AND a request

This  gargoyle has given me a lot of chuckles in the last two days!

He came to me via FedEx delivery on Thursday morning.  I was expecting a coffee delivery on Friday and thought to myself, "It can't be the coffee...not due to arrive until tomorrow".

I picked up the box and looked at the label...from  I opened the box and to my surprise, there he was, smiling up at me.  I first thought that one of my daughters must have sent him, so I texted both and nope...not from them.

One daughter suggested typing in the order number on the website, but since I don't have an account there, that wouldn't work.  So, I called the customer service phone number and found that they are not permitted to give out that information!!!  Seriously?!  LOL!  Dear husband says to me while I'm on the phone with CS...ask them if you can guess and they might tell you that way.  Yep, she could do that!

I asked if it was Bonnie and the customer service rep answered, "YES!  It was Bonnie,"!!  We both had a good laugh and I thanked her for her time.

I need a name for him!  Can you help?  Leave a comment with your idea of a name for my handsome garden protector.  It will be tons of fun and I'll post his name when I make my decision.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Denise, you will be missed

My friend, Denise passed away today.  You were an inspiration on so many levels.  You touched so many lives by being kind, by being a fervent servant of the Lord and by being yourself.