Monday, April 4, 2011

It's party (or is that potty) time!

Guess who was babysitting this weekend?  Yep, Mimi and Papa went to Pittsburgh and stayed with the four Pittsburgh grandchildren!  What a weekend!  They are so incredibly sweet that you almost didn't realize how tired you were!
Mama and Dada went on a business trip on Friday (returning Tuesday) and we took the weekend shift.  Didi and PapPap (the other grandparents) took the Monday and Tuesday shift.

These two really crack me up!  Anna (left) regularly uses the potty and Vivi always wants to be in on any fun that might be happening.
Then we have a set of feet and a pair of hands.  Those tiny digits belong to Evie.  We made some time to do a mani-pedi and here's the result.

Then there's papa with the devilish Vivi!  She's a wild one.

Sorry, no pictures of Nater this time...he was so busy I couldn't get a still moment of him!

I want to schedule a little one-on-one time with the other two grandbabies (who live closer to me).  I'll post pics of them soon.
Lots of things got done today.  I had a list of "to do" things and checked several tasks off...hurray for me!

I started working on vinyl covers for chairs at the beauty shop where I go.  I'm making a sample one, taking it in to see how it works, before doing all six of them.  I've never sewn with heavy-weight vinyl, but I've done a little research and hope it all goes well.

I have a cat on my lap (chest, really) who is begging for her nightly treats.  I think it's time to stop tapping on this keyboard and feed my little rug rat!