Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter weather arrived on November 17th, 2014

Snow, cold, bitter cold, winds.  Winter has arrived early this year.  Today we walked by the river where the wind isn't so strong on our walk.  It was beautiful...if it weren't so bitterly cold, it would have been fabulous. 
The picture to the left and the picture beneath are from Rick's walk yesterday (the 17th).  I didn't go yesterday.  Sophie LOVES the snow and is as playful as can be. 

The picture below is taken from the Main Street Bridge and overlooks the Cuyahoga River. 

This picture on the left is from today's walk.  I went today and was exhausted when we got home.  I was cold, cold, cold and tired from tracking through the snow and ice.  The wind chill was probably about zero degrees.  The scenery is beautiful and being outside is good for us.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Our daughter and her husband asked us to care for their kids while they went to Atlanta for a business trip. We were tickled to get to spend some time with those four children...we don't see enough of them.  October 17th was Kelly's birthday, so we went to celebrate that special day.  The next morning they left for their trip.

Early Saturday morning, I was outside in my pajamas with the dog.  I called her to come back in and when I turned, I slipped.  I fell, mashing my shoulder, neck and face into the house.  Oh gosh...I was in agony.  With some help from Rick, I got up and to the couch.  I didn't go to the ER or even to the doctor.  I knew it hurt (but I was confident that it was not broken) and with Rick's great deal of help, we took care of the kids...who were absolutely angels.

Poor Nathan, 7 years old, came down with a fever and vomiting.  He stayed home from school and despite his not feeling well, he was so good.  Kelly and Scott returned Tuesday, late afternoon.  We were home about 7 pm or so. 

I was having trouble swallowing and that worried me.  I knew I needed to have some x-rays of my shoulder, and that lump when I swallowed was a real concern.  I went to see an orthopedist and had x-rays.  The lump in my throat was caused by calcium spurs that broke off when I fell.  That would go away in time, but the shoulder...it was broken in two places.  The humorous bone and the glenoid bone.  UGH.

Now I need to see my shoulder surgeon to find out just what needed to happen.  I saw Dr. Bell on Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon I had an MRI and then today (Thursday) went to see him again.  Good news!  Despite the broken bones, the rotator cuff looks like it's in tact and surgery is not needed.  I will wear my sling for two more weeks, then start 6 weeks of physical therapy.  So glad no surgery.

I'd not had anything for pain except ibuprofen, but I've not been sleeping well.  Dr. Bell (and the first doctor, both) offered me something for pain.  I don't really like taking anything stronger than I need, but the pain was really wearing me down.  So, I said having something by prescription would be helpful.  Boy!  I took ONE oxycodone and I feel like I've been drinking.  I'm so mellow.  I expect I sleep better tonight than I have since I hurt myself.

I don't have any photos to post...nothing to see. 

I have to rest, but I have so very much to be grateful for.  I am also so lucky that Rick is such a kind man and is so good to me.

Think I've rambled enough for tonight.  Sleep well, sweet dreams and ... as my friend Diane Glassner says, I wish you "enough".  "Enough" is all we need.

Love to my family, love to my friends and peace to all.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kelly's (and Scott's) Quilt

Last year, about this time, the color fabric was purchased while on a trip to Houston, Texas, with my daughter.  She picked out the fabric and I promised her a quilt. 

I've always been fond of the "modern" style of quilting...kind of minimalistic.  I purchased a lot of white-on-white fabric and took some pencils and graph paper and designed this.  After drawing it out and doing my math calculations, I had my dear hubby check my numbers.  He caught a couple of errors that I made, thankfully before any fabric was cut!!  He's a handy man to have around, for sure!

Well, after about a year, the quilt is complete!  Rick and I took it to her (and her dear husband) and gave it to them today.  They were pleased.

I hope that in years to come, when they see this quilt and/or use it, they will think of all the love that went into it.  After all, love is the greatest gift of all, isn't it!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

By the river

This photo was taken near the Cuyahoga River where we go for a walk several times a week.  We are down beside the river.  The building you see is the old railroad depot, now a restaurant called the Pufferbelly.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fathers' Day to my dad

I don't have a scanner, so I can't post a picture of my dad.

My father has been gone since January 1, 1966.  I had just turned 16 years old two days before his death.  I didn't know he was ill...Mama never told us kids (me the youngest) how ill Daddy was.  He had a heart attack (his first) while driving the car.  He and Mama had been on vacation and were almost home.  Mama kept her senses and brought the car safely to a stop but Daddy never made it home.  Enough about that part.

Daddy was a kind man.  Probably one of the most kind-hearted men I have ever known with the exception of my husband, Rick.  Daddy was honest, hard working and as I said, kind.  He taught all of us kids right from wrong, how to be tactful, how to do many things.  I remember a lot about my dad...more than my older sister and brother, which is surprising to me as they had more years with him.

I remember him planting the tiny oak sapling in our yard.  We would water that tree every night -- I would be right beside him, helping.  That giant oak is still in my yard, giving home to squirrels and birds and supplying our home with wonderful shade and plenty of acorns!  He taught me - his tomboy - how to use the jigsaw and make puzzles.  He taught me how to splice electrical cords, how to whittle, how to garden and how to look at people without judging.  He also taught me how to apologize when necessary.

Daddy ate "funny" things sometimes.  He liked pickled pigs feet.  They looked horrible to me, so of course I've never tasted them.  He also ate crushed saltine crackers with coffee on them.  Funny how people like different things! 

I'm lucky that I had my dad for 15 years.  I wish I had him in my life for a longer time, but I'm grateful for the years he was on earth.  Daddy loved Mama and all of us kids. 

Happy Fathers' Day!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sophie's one today!

Sophie (our Sopharella) is one year old today!!!  It's been quite a feat, I wasn't sure ANY of us would make to this point!!!  Next milestone will be August 1.  On that day she will celebrate her first full year as our baby!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend activities...this and that

Busy weekend for Rick and me.  

It started on Friday night...Hadley had a T-ball game.  Poor thing has been fighting strep throat and a respiratory infection, so she only was up to bat once and that was all she could handle.

Treva was feeling fine, so she was running and playing and being silly with Papa!  It was cold and windy at the ball park, but it didn't bother Miss T at all!!

We headed to Pittsburgh Saturday morning.  Nathan and Anna had a T-ball game and we were off to the ball park to watch them play.  Rain came and went and they did a fine job on the field. 

Nathan likes to pose!

Anna likes to give you her sweet smile.  She got
the game ball!  (She caught a ball in the chin...but she was tough and didn't even cry!)

Evelyn...having a good time at Guinness's birthday party.

Vivian gave Mimi a smile...not always willing to have her photo captured!
Guinness was the star of the day.  Our brown granddog is 13 years old.  He's a great dog.

I made him a neckerchief with his initial to celebrate his birthday.  He was a good sport and wore it all day.

Sophie had fun at the doggy party.  She (and some friends) found a mud puddle to do a little wrestling, then went to the black mulch around the swing set.  This is how she looked before we rinsed her well and brought her home!
 Needless to say, we were tired when we arrived home Saturday evening...Sophie was tired too!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Neighborhood visitors!

It's raining here today...not storming, just raining.  Rick was opening up the drapes this morning and spotted these two waddling down the street in front of our house.  I grabbed the camera and ran outside in my jammies and bare feet to grab a couple of photos.  We are in a neighborhood with a little woods to the west of us and a little woods to the east of us.  We have a small herd of deer who travel between the woods, but these are the first feathered friends like this that we've seen.

I just love that nature surrounds us in our small town.

Have a wonderful, wonder-filled day!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throw back Thursday!

Talk about the ugly duckling!

Another Concert...

We snagged some great seats to the Billy Joel concert, so we went last week.  In this picture, you see my son-in-law Todd, daughter Jennifer and of course me and Rick. 
The concert was fabulous!  Can you imagine singing your songs and having thousands of people (just at this concert) knowing the words and singing along?  He does this all over the world.  How fantastic a feeling is it that your talent is so enjoyed 'round the world.

Todd drove (as we really are uneasy driving in Cleveland) so it was like having a chauffeur!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Date Night at the Civic Theater with the Doobie Brothers

We went to see the Doobie Brothers last night!  It was a good show, lots of memories wrapped up in their music.  In addition to driving to Akron (not a far drive) we had a snow storm!  It was March 29th and a foot of heavy wet snow was being predicted.

Rick has had a cold, but with some medication from "nurse Helen" he is feeling better.  I found a medication in our natural foods store here in town called Umcka.  It truly has helped him feel much better!  So glad, because I didn't want to drag him to a concert when he wasn't feeling well.

The pictures above are of The Civic Theater in Akron, Ohio.  It was built in 1929 and was a Lowe's Theater.  It's an incredibly beautiful building.  It's always a treat to go there and appreciate its beauty.  Click HERE to view some history of the Civic.

 The bottom row of pictures is us...being silly...taking "selfies".  It was fun to be silly.

After the show, the snow was flying furiously, but we didn't get the 12 inches forecast.  We had probably 2 to 3 inches...the roads weren't great, but we got home safely.

What a fun night.  :)

As a side note...WHY do I spend time, posting my pictures in a pleasing fashion, only to press "post" and see they are helter skelter all over my page!?  Oh well!!  I guess that's life!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tea anyone?

Isn't this just the cutest picture?  I think so!  The four chickadees on the right are my granddaughters.  The one on the left is a good friend.  I'd sure like to be having tea with them, wouldn't you?!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

This man...

 Back in 1966, December 3rd to be exact, this man asked a young woman out on a date.She had worked with him every day through the summer and every Saturday morning throughout the school year.  The young woman was QUITE taken with him and eagerly agreed.  He had teased her for a time and she wasn't sure he would call to confirm times, etc., but at the appointed time of 4 pm, he did call.  He took her to dinner and to a basketball game where her high school team was playing.

On February 8, 1969, this man took this woman to be his bride.  That day started a marriage that has brought us much love and happiness.  He's a kind man.  He's a funny man.  He makes me laugh and lets me know how much I am loved.  I am complete with him.


Happy 45th anniversary to US!