Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kelly's (and Scott's) Quilt

Last year, about this time, the color fabric was purchased while on a trip to Houston, Texas, with my daughter.  She picked out the fabric and I promised her a quilt. 

I've always been fond of the "modern" style of quilting...kind of minimalistic.  I purchased a lot of white-on-white fabric and took some pencils and graph paper and designed this.  After drawing it out and doing my math calculations, I had my dear hubby check my numbers.  He caught a couple of errors that I made, thankfully before any fabric was cut!!  He's a handy man to have around, for sure!

Well, after about a year, the quilt is complete!  Rick and I took it to her (and her dear husband) and gave it to them today.  They were pleased.

I hope that in years to come, when they see this quilt and/or use it, they will think of all the love that went into it.  After all, love is the greatest gift of all, isn't it!


  1. It's a pretty quilt, I love the simple clean lines of modern quilts. I am sure they will remember you and know all the love that went into making the quilt for them.

  2. Helen, you did a wonderful job. So fresh and modern...what a lucky couple!


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