Thursday, October 30, 2014


Our daughter and her husband asked us to care for their kids while they went to Atlanta for a business trip. We were tickled to get to spend some time with those four children...we don't see enough of them.  October 17th was Kelly's birthday, so we went to celebrate that special day.  The next morning they left for their trip.

Early Saturday morning, I was outside in my pajamas with the dog.  I called her to come back in and when I turned, I slipped.  I fell, mashing my shoulder, neck and face into the house.  Oh gosh...I was in agony.  With some help from Rick, I got up and to the couch.  I didn't go to the ER or even to the doctor.  I knew it hurt (but I was confident that it was not broken) and with Rick's great deal of help, we took care of the kids...who were absolutely angels.

Poor Nathan, 7 years old, came down with a fever and vomiting.  He stayed home from school and despite his not feeling well, he was so good.  Kelly and Scott returned Tuesday, late afternoon.  We were home about 7 pm or so. 

I was having trouble swallowing and that worried me.  I knew I needed to have some x-rays of my shoulder, and that lump when I swallowed was a real concern.  I went to see an orthopedist and had x-rays.  The lump in my throat was caused by calcium spurs that broke off when I fell.  That would go away in time, but the was broken in two places.  The humorous bone and the glenoid bone.  UGH.

Now I need to see my shoulder surgeon to find out just what needed to happen.  I saw Dr. Bell on Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon I had an MRI and then today (Thursday) went to see him again.  Good news!  Despite the broken bones, the rotator cuff looks like it's in tact and surgery is not needed.  I will wear my sling for two more weeks, then start 6 weeks of physical therapy.  So glad no surgery.

I'd not had anything for pain except ibuprofen, but I've not been sleeping well.  Dr. Bell (and the first doctor, both) offered me something for pain.  I don't really like taking anything stronger than I need, but the pain was really wearing me down.  So, I said having something by prescription would be helpful.  Boy!  I took ONE oxycodone and I feel like I've been drinking.  I'm so mellow.  I expect I sleep better tonight than I have since I hurt myself.

I don't have any photos to post...nothing to see. 

I have to rest, but I have so very much to be grateful for.  I am also so lucky that Rick is such a kind man and is so good to me.

Think I've rambled enough for tonight.  Sleep well, sweet dreams and ... as my friend Diane Glassner says, I wish you "enough".  "Enough" is all we need.

Love to my family, love to my friends and peace to all.

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