Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saturday, Oops, I've missed a few!

I guess I've been busy!  I missed posting for a few days, so let's catch things up.

Wednesday, Rick had his surgery.  I've posted about that.

Thursday...well, I have no idea what I did Thursday!!  Short memory, that's why I document daily if I can!!

Friday, well, I remember Friday.  I went to a couple of garage sales with Cris in the morning.  I got a really nice KitchenAid electric tea kettle!  Then dropped Cris off at her house, ran to Walmart for a few things and came home to my "boy".  He's doing ok, but he's tired; not sleeping well.  Later in the day I walked Sophie and then mowed the lawn.  (I don't like mowing the lawn, it shouldn't be so taxing, but it IS.)  In the evening, I cleaned out the two bottom drawers in the dresser behind the dining room door.  I got rid of some things, and moved a few things from a cupboard I want to clean out tomorrow.

Saturday I cleaned out and reorganized a couple of cupboards.  I would like to be able to get to my blender easier, and that BIG corner cupboard under the counter is huge and deep.  I took got rid of things we didn't need anymore and moved some things to another place.  It's much more organized and I can get to things easier.  I just got back from taking Sophie for a walk.  Things I bought from Amazon (two of three packages) came and I got those put where they belong.

Tomorrow I'd like to go to Marshall's and return a purse I purchased that I changed my mind about.

Enough for a few days!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Surgery day

Rick's surgery to repair his hernia is today.  We left the house at 7 am and he was scheduled for 9 am surgery.  It started a little later than that, but we were home by 1:45 pm and he had lunch and is resting.

We were sent home with a few pain pills to keep him comfortable, but so far he hasn't taken any.

Western Reserve Hospital, Dr. Gemma was where and who did the surgery.  All went well and he just needs to be gentle with himself, no lifting, no overexertion, etc.

The hospital sends each patient home with a quart of chicken noodle soup!  I thought that was SO nice and thoughtful.  I heated him a bowl of it for lunch when we got nice to have something handy to get something wholesome and light into him.

The "injury centers" have been calling...I was in the accident on Monday.  It said in the police report that I was not injured, but they are calling, just the same.  Offering to "treat" me for my "injuries".  I'm already tired of fielding the calls.  There have been about 6 in the last hour.  UGH!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Errand Tuesday

I needed to get a few things from Sam's today.  I was looking for pork rinds to go along with my Keto diet.  I am not to have carbohydrates, and sometimes you need something crunchy.  These can also be crushed and used as filler for meatballs or breading.  Marc's and Giant Eagle sell them, but they are small bags for $2.00.  I got a huge plastic barrel of them for $5.00.  I picked up a rotisserie chicken, some Tom's tomatoes and some hamburgers.

I went to BooksAMillion and found a book on Keto.  I looked at a lot of them.  I got an armful and went to the coffee bar and perused them all until I found the one I thought would suit me best.

Then I went to Marshalls to look for a purse.  I have been looking for a small one (I use it mostly as a wallet).  I put my money, license, phone and my personal things like nail file, pen, advil, etc.  I have been looking, but today I found TWO!  I bought them both, and will be returning one -- it's really too small to be convenient.

I stopped by Walmart and got some ghee, some butter lettuce, some macaroni salad for Rick.

I came home and picked the chicken, threw the bones and skin in a pot, added water, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, salt and peppercorns and boiled it for a few hours for broth.  I cut up all the chicken and made chicken salad - half of it has pecan pieces, the other half does not.

I ate some of the chicken while I was picking the bones.  Tonight, I'm not hungry.  I read that it's perfectly normal to not be hungry on this diet.  Fats keep you full and it's the main ingredient in this plan.  Rick had a whopper for dinner (he's got to be getting tired of these, but for now he's enjoying them!!

Tomorrow we need to leave for the hospital at 7:00.  Rick is supposed to be there by 7:30 for a 9 am surgery.  He's all showered for the surgery and will wash up again in the morning with the special antibacterial soap they supplied him.  I have a chicken salad wrap ready to go, along with a book, my phone, the iPad for the wait at the hospital.  I pray everything goes by the book.

I need to pick out my clothes and get them ready tonight so I can just get up and do my hair in the AM.

As we used to sing in Girl Scouts, "Day is done, gone the sun, from the lakes, from the trees, from the skies...All is well, safely well...God is nigh"

Monday, April 29, 2019

A beautiful, however chilly, Monday

We are closing in on the month of April.  April is such a beautiful month, and when spring comes (like it did this year) we have ALL kinds of weather.  It can be sunny and hot, rainy and cold and everything in between.  Some years we seem to go from winter to summer; thankfully, not this year.

The trees and flowers are blooming and in full leaf.  The grass has greened up and the world is a beautiful place.

Today is pickleball and as of this time, 9:30 am, we have 15 people signed up!  Big day for pickleball players.

Today I begin my journey of my Keto eating plan.  I went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up on fats, since fats are an important part of Keto.  I bought heavy cream, Irish butter, lard, coconut oil and olive oil.  This morning I'm going to have eggs, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes all scrambled together.  The rest of the day will unfold as it unfolds.  We are going out to dinner tonight, so I believe either salmon or steak is in my future.

I will add more of the days happenings as they happen.  Until later...

Well, later is here.  Sigh...

Cris and I went to pickleball, my day to drive.  We had a great time playing, we had 15 people, so we were just shy to have 4 courts.

On the way home, we stopped at Beiler's Market and I bought mushrooms.  I dropped Cris off at home and while driving, I was involved in an accident.  I was at the corner of Rt. 261 and Rt. 43.  I was on 261, ready to make my left turn onto Rt. 59.  I was the 2nd car at the light and we got the green arrow to turn left.  First car went through, then me.  All of the sudden, I felt my car being hit.  A young woman (with three people in the car, I believe 2 of them were children) went through the red light.

No one was hurt, thankfully.  Tomorrow I will call the insurance company.  I am not sure if the young woman had insurance or not.  Sigh

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday, 4/28

Well, here it is Sunday!  I got up early, couldn't sleep any longer and what did I do with my morning?  NOTHING!  N.O.T.H.I.N.G.!!  I sat on my butt and played computer games, read silly things on Facebook and drank tea and coffee!  What a waste of time!  Oh, well, it's over and done.

I finally got cleaned up and dressed.  I worked on the Red, White and Hexies quilt and saw a HUGE flaw in the way I laid it out and sewed it and basted it to the batting!  Ohmygosh!!  I feel like banging my head against the wall!!  Bang, Bang, Bang!!!

Do you see any hexagons?  When I was carefully and I mean carefully laying this out on my floor last year, painstakingly labeling each and every piece, I thought I was making a hexagon quilt.  Oh, well!  That's life of a creative genius!!  Hahaha!!  I feel like a mad scientist who had her beautiful experiment go totally SNAFU!

This quilt will be loved.  It will be finished and washed with care and used as a tablecloth (at least that was the original idea).  I will remember that this wasn't the original thought when it was being created, but it is what it is.  It's like giving think you know what you are doing, but the life of your creation takes off and becomes different than you might have originally thought.

I am starting the Keto diet tomorrow.  I've been watching YouTube videos, I have a book and I'm enrolled in Keto groups on Facebook.  I went to the store today and bought fat.  Yep!  I bought heavy whipping cream for my coffee, I bought KerryGold (Irish) butter, coconut oil, olive oil and LARD!!!  I sure hope I can cut my addiction to sugar.  This way of eating is supposed to get rid of the inflammation in your body.  I'm hoping that besides losing weight, my arthritis pain will subside and I'll feel better.

It's time for me to relax and stop being on a "device".  Goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite (words we always said every night when we were children).

It's a sunny Saturday!

Yesterday was a miserably rainy, gray and crappy weather day!!  Thankfully this morning brings the sun--not very warm, but it's sunny and bright.

I slept GREAT last night.  I was tired last night...I fell asleep in my chair before bedtime.  I thought I slept well in bed, then I checked my Fitbit sleep chart and it confirmed my suspicions!

Here it is Sunday morning and I have not finished yesterday's entry!  Well, I'll put in the doings of yesterday and get it done.

I got the Red, White & Hexi quilt top spray basted to the batting and instead of purchasing a backing fabric that was red or white, I had some blue paisley fabric that I thought would be ok.  It's all spray basted together and when I looked at it with a different mindset, I can see why I'm not particularly happy with it.  Instead of being hexagons, I have an hourglass shape!  I made a mistake in design and it's not at all what I was expecting.  Well, I was talking with Rick about it -- telling him it was going to stay "as is" and he commented, "Well, you made a new pattern!".  Exactly!  No one will know what my original intent was, and it will be fine. 

I went to JoAnn Fabrics to purchase enough of the outside red fabric to make a binding.  Surprisingly, they even had the fabric still in stock.  Thankfully, although I would have made do with another red -- there are so many different reds in this quilt it would not have made a difference.

We went to dinner with Portia and Arnett; we went to Tip Top in Stow.  Food there is "ok", and everyone seemed to enjoy their dinner except for Rick.  He got the beef stroganoff and it had so many mushrooms it was almost laughable.  I love mushrooms, but upon spearing a couple from his plate, I didn't want more.  Nothing wrong with them, but not very good.  I had a stuffed pepper that was tasty.  Portia and Arnett were on their way to the hospital to visit with their newborn grand daughter, Piper.

(We were supposed to meet Portia and Arnett at Diggers for dinner, but when we got there, they were closed for a private party!  Erin Kish came out to chat with us for a couple minutes.  Angel (her daughter) was in a treatment facility and was going to be getting out soon.  I pray Angel finds a "clean and sober" lifestyle for her future.  She has so much to be sober for, but it's a rough road.

That was yesterday, now on to Sunday!

Friday, April 26, 2019

It's a rainy day

It's been raining through the night.  I didn't sleep well, just because I was hot through the night (no nightmares or leg cramps).  Each time I woke, I could hear the "tap tap tap" of the raindrops on the house.  It's a relaxing sound and it makes me feel very cozy.

It's pickleball day.  Not enough signed up as yet to make up two courts, but hopefully we'll get 8 before it's time to play.

There is an estate sale today (at least one) but not sure how many we will have time to get to.

For now, it's time for me to try and do something with this hair -- it's raining and I'll get "big hair" in the rain.  No need to do much with it, the weather will take it's toll!

Till later --