Friday, July 13, 2018

Denise, you will be missed

My friend, Denise passed away today.  You were an inspiration on so many levels.  You touched so many lives by being kind, by being a fervent servant of the Lord and by being yourself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Our credit card was compromised!!!  Someone has a card...with our number on it!!!  YIKES!  The credit card company declined the charge and we received an email.  I called the number on the back of my card...cause I'm a little paranoid about phishing scams.

Our account has been frozen and another card is on the way to us.  Boy, we will have a bunch of things to change because of this.

It's infuriating to me that people are so hellbent on being deceitful.    I guess it's the way things are now, but it's sad, isn't it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Independence Day!

Enjoy your July 4th celebration!  We are not doing anything exciting today, but I am so grateful for our freedom.  

It's hot, hot, hot here...even too hot for the hubby and pup to go for a walk.  Be safe, be kind to one another and make someone smile today.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Christmas in June?

Early May was "Spring Clean Up" in our fair city.  It's a time of year when you can put nearly everything you want to purge on the curb.  The city will come and take it, free of charge (of course, by paying taxes, you have really paid).  Rick was walking Sophie and when he returned he said..."It's spring clean up, let's clean out the garage!  How could I shoot him down?  It needed cleaned out badly, since it had been years since we went through everything on the upper storage level. 

While cleaning, we threw out a bunch of stuff.  I didn't realize that when we moved here, nearly 30 years ago, Mama lived here, too.  With all of her belongings and all of our belongings (and moving to a smaller home with one more person under the roof) we didn't have a place for everything and we put a lot of stuff in the upper level of the garage.  

One of the great things about "Spring Clean Up" is that when you put things on your devil strip, pickers come to pick.  Things go fast!!  We took the first load of stuff to the curb and immediately, a truck turned around to see what "treasures" we were discarding.  I just love this...your stuff doesn't automatically go to the junk yard, others come to  see what they can use or scrap or whatever!!  By the time the trucks come to collect your refuse, most of it is gone.

Anyway, to get to the real purpose of this entry, we came across a ceramic Christmas tree I made back in 1970.  I just KNEW it should be somewhere, and I had looked for it a few times over the years in our attic.  There it was, resting in shredded newspapers and all dusty and grimy from nearly 30 years in the garage.  I brought it in, washed it thoroughly and ordered new light pegs from an online supply.  She turned out beautifully and I sent it off to daughter #2 who had been wanting one.  (No photo...duh, I forgot!)  But I'm visiting with daughter #2 before too long and maybe I'll snap a photo and post it then.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New specs

Another visit to the eye doctor!  Woo hoo, I lead an exciting life!  After the laser zapping to remove the "wrinkle" from behind the implanted lens, I now have more of an astigmatism.  My vision is poor...20/ I need new lenses for my new glasses!  

I went to the optical store to see if I was within the 3 month free replacement time frame and NO, I was not!  (Figures, doesn't it!?)  However, the sweet woman manager fixed it so that there would be no charge.  GREAT news!

Rick went with me to the doctor appointment and we had planned to go to Denny's for brunch after the 10:00 appointment.  Ten o'clock is early for us to get up and out anymore, and today we didn't wake up until 8:30, so we had to hurry.  Rick's stomach got upset while we were at the doctor and didn't feel like getting brunch.  Oh well, that's ok.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend ramblings on Monday!

The weekend has come and gone.  I cooked over the weekend...both Saturday and Sunday!  I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I don't cook much anymore now that the kids are gone.  We eat out most evenings and that's ok, but it's good to be in the kitchen now and again.

I was cleaning out the pantry.  I've been wanting to clean the pantry for quite some time, but it seemed like an daunting task.  Rick made a pineapple upside down cake a few days ago and the brown sugar was rock hard.  I decided that I needed some new canisters, to keep that from happening.  I found some airtight containers at TJ Maxx and bought them, washed them, dried them and then decided they were not what I wanted.  Ok, I packed them back up and returned them.  After a lot of thought, I knew that Tupperware was what I needed.  I pulled out the canisters and tossed a bunch of stuff on the top shelf of the pantry.  I got online and looked at Tupperware items and decided what I wanted/needed and then got hold of a semi-local salesperson.

I am now signed up for an online (Facebook) Tupperware party.  I was a Tupperware Lady salesperson and manager back in the 70's, so I'm pretty familiar with the product.  

Since the top shelf cleanup went so well, on to the 2nd shelf.  (Slow and shelf at a time.)  Well, the second shelf went so well that I finished the entire pantry!  SO proud of myself!   I am going to measure my shelves in the pantry and hopefully cover them in contact paper.  Right now they are just unfinished particle board.

I hang a bunch of things on the pantry door and it was messy looking.  I took a shoe organizer and fashioned THIS!  Photo on the left is the top of the door and am planning on putting all of our travel drink containers.  The right photo is on the bottom of the door and holds our flashlight and 3 different rolling pins.

Today I had another appointment at the chiropractor.  My foot is getting better and my back (after today's visit) feels fabulous.  Hopefully I will continue to heal and regain the feeling in my whole foot.  (Yesterday I bashed my pinkie toe on the bad foot and thought I broke it.  Hurt all day yesterday -- in spite of the foot being numb on that side -- but today it is not sore, thank goodness.)

I have at least one more appointment with the chiropractor.  I am praying that this gets all healed and I'm able to play pickle ball again soon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Not tons going on around here, but seems like I've got my fingers in this and that!

I'm doing this little quilt (for my dining room table) and have been working on getting it ready to be a hand sewing project.  This is the layout (although this photo isn't the complete layout, there is another round of white and then of red).  I was in a red/white charm swap many years ago.  I put the charms away and didn't know what to do with them.  I've been wondering about not making many quilts anymore...seems like everyone in my family has at least 2 quilts from me, and just how many do our family members need?!  I've made many quilts over the years and have given them to friends, loved ones, babies and some on commission, too.

Rick and I are going to go on a road trip before too long and our driving styles are vastly different.  In order to keep from gasping, sighing, clearing my throat and other annoying things when he's not driving like I think he should, if I have something to occupy my mind (like a hand-sewing project) we both have a better time!

On Sunday night, we were on our way to dinner and the sunset was beautiful.  I snapped this photo as Rick was driving.

Yesterday, I did FaceTime with Jennifer and the kids.  We had a silly time.  I miss them terribly (Todd, too).  I get mixed feelings...I am so happy to be able to chat, see and have fun with them via the computer, yet I get so sad that we are so far apart.  I have to hang up quickly to keep from showing my tears.  Bittersweet moments of life.

I just got off the phone with Kelly.  She's so busy!  It's wonderful to have time to talk to her, but would be even better if I could pop in on her now and again and help her with things.  I'm so fortunate to have wonderful family.                                                                                                Today I am running some errands.  I have been struggling with leg cramps every night and got up early this morning because I was tired of getting up, walking around and trying to get back to sleep several times through the night.  So far I've made 35 stuffed bones for Sophie and am ready to head out to pick up some things from several stores that we (I) need.  My list is ready, I'm dressed (even with shoes) and once I get my hair fixed and some lipstick on, I'm out the door.