Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throw back Thursday!

Talk about the ugly duckling!

Another Concert...

We snagged some great seats to the Billy Joel concert, so we went last week.  In this picture, you see my son-in-law Todd, daughter Jennifer and of course me and Rick. 
The concert was fabulous!  Can you imagine singing your songs and having thousands of people (just at this concert) knowing the words and singing along?  He does this all over the world.  How fantastic a feeling is it that your talent is so enjoyed 'round the world.

Todd drove (as we really are uneasy driving in Cleveland) so it was like having a chauffeur!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Date Night at the Civic Theater with the Doobie Brothers

We went to see the Doobie Brothers last night!  It was a good show, lots of memories wrapped up in their music.  In addition to driving to Akron (not a far drive) we had a snow storm!  It was March 29th and a foot of heavy wet snow was being predicted.

Rick has had a cold, but with some medication from "nurse Helen" he is feeling better.  I found a medication in our natural foods store here in town called Umcka.  It truly has helped him feel much better!  So glad, because I didn't want to drag him to a concert when he wasn't feeling well.

The pictures above are of The Civic Theater in Akron, Ohio.  It was built in 1929 and was a Lowe's Theater.  It's an incredibly beautiful building.  It's always a treat to go there and appreciate its beauty.  Click HERE to view some history of the Civic.

 The bottom row of pictures is us...being silly...taking "selfies".  It was fun to be silly.

After the show, the snow was flying furiously, but we didn't get the 12 inches forecast.  We had probably 2 to 3 inches...the roads weren't great, but we got home safely.

What a fun night.  :)

As a side note...WHY do I spend time, posting my pictures in a pleasing fashion, only to press "post" and see they are helter skelter all over my page!?  Oh well!!  I guess that's life!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tea anyone?

Isn't this just the cutest picture?  I think so!  The four chickadees on the right are my granddaughters.  The one on the left is a good friend.  I'd sure like to be having tea with them, wouldn't you?!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

This man...

 Back in 1966, December 3rd to be exact, this man asked a young woman out on a date.She had worked with him every day through the summer and every Saturday morning throughout the school year.  The young woman was QUITE taken with him and eagerly agreed.  He had teased her for a time and she wasn't sure he would call to confirm times, etc., but at the appointed time of 4 pm, he did call.  He took her to dinner and to a basketball game where her high school team was playing.

On February 8, 1969, this man took this woman to be his bride.  That day started a marriage that has brought us much love and happiness.  He's a kind man.  He's a funny man.  He makes me laugh and lets me know how much I am loved.  I am complete with him.


Happy 45th anniversary to US! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

A finish

I have a finish!  This is a wall hanging that's a gift for a special woman.  It is titled "Dance Like Nobody's Watching".

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Only 11 months till Christmas, or 69 days till Spring!

LOL...I put this on my Facebook status yesterday.  Nobody really wanted to hear it was 11 months till Christmas, but almost all my buddies liked the fact that springtime is only 69 days away! 

We've had a boatload of snow and terribly cold weather so far this winter.  This  week the wind chill might go to minus 40F.  That's some bone-chillin' weather!

Here's a picture of Sophie after coming in this afternoon.  She's silly and doesn't worry about the cold!  Such a pup!  She is nearly 8 months old and weighs 63 pounds.  She had her spay surgery on Wednesday of this would never know she had surgery...she's as bouncy as ever!
Today I washed up some fabric that's new...I'm a pre-wash person.  Lots of controversy in the quilting world about prewashing, but I don't all gets washed prior to going into my sewing room.