Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Telling on myself

This event happened on Sunday night.  Thought I'd blog about it so I can remember that even though I'm very experienced and usually know what I'm doing, that's not always true!

I'm working on a project for some of the grand kids.  Not going to say what it was now, cause if my daughters read this entry there is a chance the kids might see the post.

Anyway, I went upstairs to sew.  As always, Rick says as I'm heading up the stairs, "Be careful, honey" and I respond "I will, thanks honey.  Love you" and I go upstairs.  I had part of my project done and as I started working on those pieces, I was unhappy with them.  I decided that chucking that part of the item would be the best option.  Ok...not a big deal, I just put those pieces in the trash and went about re-creating them.

I was doing appliques.  I was adhering Wonder Under to several pieces of fabric and several times I didn't adhere the Wonder Under to a large-enough piece of fabric.  SIGH.  Oh well, keep "plugging away, Helen"!

Then...yep, I did IT.  I adhered a piece of Wonder Under to my ironing board cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, no!!  I worked to get it off while it was still slightly warm and pliable.  Got some of it off, but a lot remains.  Now, I'm really annoyed with myself.  I swallow my annoyance and trudge one.  (I'm
working on a large gold lame star.)  I try it again and yep, I've got it this time.  BIG HAPPY FACE!

I cut out my star (I'm so pleased with myself) and go to layer it with my other part.  OH MY GOSH, it's perfect EXCEPT one point is ON THE SELVEGE!!!!  How on earth can I be so dense?  Really!  I've been sewing for over 60 years!  Ok, now I'm pissed mildly angry/defeated/annoyed/etc.  That's it!  I toss my beautiful gold star into a pile of scraps that might be used for future projects and turn everything off and go downstairs.

I truly thought about my debacle like this...It was a horrible night to sew.  I got absolutely nothing accomplished, but all in all, the world remains the same.  I came downstairs because I truly felt it was time to stop before I did something that would result in injury to me.

Monday morning, I got up and had my coffee.  When I headed upstairs to work on said project, all went well!!  A clear head is such a blessing.

However, there was a glitch on Monday, too.  I was pinning my project for the next segment and my pincushion fell behind my ironing board.  As I went to retrieve it, I see my small Rowenta iron was on the floor.  I have no idea when it fell to the floor (it is plugged in) but there was a "scorch" on the linoleum and it was very hot.  I unplugged the iron, got a paper towel and folded it so it was very thick and drenched it in water.  I put that on the floor to cool it so I did"n't set the house on fire.  I looked my iron over and it is broken.  However, when it fell and broke, I believe it overheated and it took over 30 minutes to cool.  I will throw it away today so I don't risk forgetting it's broken.

All in all, it was a topsy-turvy time.  All turned out ok, but it's worth writing about.

Creation can be a messy, frustrating and rewarding experience!!

"Love yourself, it's one of the most important things you can do"

Sunday, December 3, 2017

50+ on December 3???

What a beautiful day!!  The sun is shining and the temperature is warm.  What a delightful day.  This day, 52 years ago, my sweetie and I went out on our first date.  We went to my high school basketball team game then to a movie.  I guess it was "meant to be"!!!  We will go out on another date tonight for dinner...just as soon as we can figure out what we would like to eat!!

I ran a few errands and was working in my sewing room.  I kept making stupid mistake after stupid mistake, so I thought I should stop before I did something even more stupid like cutting myself with my rotary blade or running over my finger with my sewing machine.  I don't know what my problem is/was, but I'm done for today.  Hopefully tomorrow my head will be clearer than today.

Jennifer got her wall hanging.  I gave Kelly hers on Thanksgiving.

I was so tickled that they both like them.  It was a difficult project as I was making the first one, but once I did that one, I learned enough to make doing the second one SO much easier.  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

60F+ on November 28th!!

What a beautiful day!

It was so beautiful that we worked outdoors nearly all day!  Leaves collected, lawn mowed to collect even more leaves, outdoor Christmas lights are up and we are tired!!

Rick took his Pontiac to the shop to have the guy work on whatever is wrong with the clutch.  The guy is so busy he can't get to Rick's car until Monday.  Business is good for him and that's a wonderful thing!

I rode my trike (for the last time until spring) to Walmart to get a gift that was ready pickup.  I put stabilizer in my gas tank and filled up the tank, hooked up my trickle charger and brought in my helmet, papers, etc. into the house for safer keeping.  She's all tucked in the garage for the winter months!  It was super nice to be able to get out this late in the year for a little ride.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Busy hands

Yesterday was a doctor appointment for Rick as a follow-up to his pneumonia this summer.  He's doing well, thank goodness.  I'm so proud of him for taking care of himself...I know it's not easy sometimes.

After the doctor, I had to - NEEDED to - get more yarn!!  I spend so much time on the computer playing games and reading articles that I get upset with myself.  I'm finding that if I have a project I can keep my hands busy with, I won't fall asleep while we watch television in the evenings.  I've got a small hand-sewing project to finish, then I will make baby hats to donate to Akron Children's Hospital for an event they are sponsoring in February.  I went to Hobby Lobby which is the closest craft store near me and they didn't have a similar yarn to what I had success with.  Sigh...on to Chapel Hill to go to Michaels.  SCORE!  I got these two yarns.  They are so soft and cuddly...just great for newborn babies.  Hmmm...thought this photo was of the two I bought.  Oh, well, this is one of the yarns!

We had dinner with Cris and Jerry at Applebees and I went to Walmart to TRY to pick up an order I placed online.  It wasn't ready (and that was my own fault because I didn't wait for the email that told me it was ready, but the original email said it would be ready the same day).  Well, it took forever to get the news that it wasn't ready and that was a little annoying.  I finally got notification at 6:30 this morning that my package was ready.  In my book that is NOT "same day" pickup.  Oh, well, it's ready today and since it's such a nice day, maybe I'll ride my motorcycle to pick it up and that will most likely be my last ride of this year.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Rambling about my Thanksgiving weekend

Wow!  What a Thanksgiving!

I'll start this post talking about Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I made desserts to take to Kelly's family in Pennsylvania.  I made a beautiful pumpkin roll and Rick made his world-famous pumpkin pie.  I got everything laid out to take along with us as we left on Thursday morning and would be spending the night to return home on Friday.  Lots of stuff to take even though it was just one night!

Thursday morning we piled in the car...Rick, me and Sophie and we were going to stop by McDonald's to grab a breakfast sandwich as we drove.  Nope!  McDonald's was closed!!  I didn't think they ever closed.  Even the location by the interstate was closed!!  Oh well, we got on the turnpike and the rest area had a Panera.  I got a bagel and Rick got a sweet roll and Sophie got to get out and go to the pet exercise area to sniff around and squat for a piddle.

We got to Kelly's about 12:30.  It was great to see everybody, that's for sure.  The only sad thing about our time together was the fact that Jennifer and her family weren't with us.  I just adore seeing all the grand children together.  The love each other SO much that it makes my heart sing.

We had a delicious and stress free meal - turkey and all the trimmings!  Lots of desserts, that's for sure.  Evelyn's friend brought an apple pie (and it was sooo delicious, even though it was not homemade but store bought), Diane brought brownies and cupcakes,  we brought pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll and Kelly made a pumpkin bread.  Add an array of flavors of ice cream and you have our dessert table!

Friday morning Kelly and I went Black Friday shopping.  I haven't done that in years!  We left the house about 5:45 (we both slept in our clothes so that getting up and out wasn't disruptive to those still sleeping) with a coffee.  We went to the outlet mall (it was pretty desolate by that time because they had been open all night) then to several other stores.  We were back home by 11 and grabbed a bite to eat.  Rick and I got the car packed up and we left for home.

The rest of Friday was pretty much a rest day!  Saturday I got up and put a turkey in for us. I can't believe I had an 11 pound turkey in the oven by 7:30 am!!!  I don't have a clue why!!!  It was done by 10:00!!!  Hahaha!!  Oh, well, I just carved it up and put it into containers and we had it for dinner!!  I offered it to Rick for breakfast, and we had a good laugh.

I went shopping to try to find an item that Kelly said the girls would like.  Nope...couldn't find it/them.  I checked a few stores to no avail and can't find it online, either.  I picked up a few things at Walmart and then back home.  I worked on some red baby hats to donate to the hospital for an event they are having in February.  Red hats for all babies born during the month of February to support something for heart awareness.  I am using my knitting loom and it's not easy for me to get the hang of it.  Anyway, I made 2 hats, so now I have 4 made!  I need to get more yarn to make some more.

Today...well, today is Sunday.  I threw in some laundry and got my shower.  I decided to sew for a bit and got all the "channels" sewn in the wall hanging I'm currently making.  I got our Christmas tree down while Rick was walking Sophie and put it t
ogether.  While I was sewing, he made all the adjustments to the branches and put on most of the ornaments.  I finished up the remaining ornaments and he put on the garland.  We both commented that it was the easiest tree trimming in our history!

Tonight was turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and gravy -- all leftovers.  I love turkey!  Tomorrow morning I'll have a turkey sandwich for breakfast and then I think I'll freeze the remaining turkey.  I have broth made, so maybe I'll add turkey, wild rice and veggies to it and we'll have soup later in the week.

My weekend was great.  I'm blessed.  I'm loved and I'm happy.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sleep is good!

I find it interesting that after I had the cataract surgery(s) that my sleep was "off".  I've been really tired lately, but last night I got LOTS of sleep and I feel great today!  Here's a photo of my Fitbit sleep report!  Pretty great!

I've been pretty busy today, finished this snowman panel into a chenille wall hanging.  I found the concept interesting.  Sew Very Easy had a YouTube video of it and it looked so easy!  Lots more work than I was prepared for and it's not very large, but it sure is cute!!

I got the trash emptied from the sewing room and the rest of the house and took out recycling and trash to the curb for tomorrow's pick up.  I vacuumed and tidied the house a bit.

Dinner tonight (and to Hard Rock Casino) with Portia and Arnett.  Not too excited about going there, but it's ok.  

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The EYES have it!

Yesterday was Friday.  Lots of things happened yesterday...

Cris and I went out to hit up the thrift stores to hopefully find some baskets for giving her Christmas nut rolls.  They are absolutely delicious and if we're lucky, maybe we'll get one.  We met in Hartville and while we were at Hartville Thrift and Goodwill, I found 2 stuffed toys for Sophie. (Which, by the way, she LOVES!)  After the shopping, we went to Hartville Kitchen and had a wonderful Cobb salad for lunch.  Their salads are delicious and I often forget about that place.  After lunch, I headed home and she headed to Pickleball. When I got home, Rick was working on raking leaves.  I shouldn't do too much because of my eye surgeries, but I put on my protective eyewear and helped.  Didn't take too long, as we didn't do the whole yard, but it looks so much nicer.  I mowed the hostas and the peonies and mulched the leaves in that area of the yard with the mower.  Rick was so sweet and thanked me sincerely for my help.

Rick and I got to Dr. Ripkin's office and we were called in RIGHT ON TIME!  Now that's surprising, to say the least, as it doesn't happen very often.  The nurse/technician checked what she was supposed to, then we went to the "smaller" waiting room for what we thought was a short wait.  Nope!  All in all, we were there for 2 hours!!!  Oh, well, he's a wonderful doctor and an emergency set appointments back.  As much as I wish we hadn't been there that long, if I had an emergency and needed him, I'm sure he would have taken care of me.  That's worth being his patient.

Anyway, in checking my post surgery status of my eyes, things aren't bad, but things aren't perfect.  Right cataract was removed Oct. 24 and there is a "wrinkle" "fold" in the eye.  My vision is not as good as it needs to be in that eye and I most likely will need a laser procedure.  (sigh)  The left eye was done Nov 7.  The vision is quite good in that eye.  This is the eye that has the black eye.  He explained how it happened...the anesthetist, when he inserted the needle, missed a little and it bled.  I have a couple of lumps in that area that the doc explained were blood and they would go away.  My eyelid itches and the entire eye socket is very tender. I'm supposed to "up" my steroid drops for the next week and he thinks that might help; if not, call him after that week.

After leaving the ophthalmologist, we went to visit Rick's friend Pete.  We drove to Cuyahoga Falls and went to Pete's.  Sophie loves Pete and the feeling is mutual!  We stayed there for 15 or 20 minutes, then decided to have dinner out at Dontino's.  It was so good!

Then we came home and relaxed.  Toys were played with, treats were given to the good dog and cat.

Blow by blow description of my Friday!