Sunday, February 9, 2014

This man...

 Back in 1966, December 3rd to be exact, this man asked a young woman out on a date.She had worked with him every day through the summer and every Saturday morning throughout the school year.  The young woman was QUITE taken with him and eagerly agreed.  He had teased her for a time and she wasn't sure he would call to confirm times, etc., but at the appointed time of 4 pm, he did call.  He took her to dinner and to a basketball game where her high school team was playing.

On February 8, 1969, this man took this woman to be his bride.  That day started a marriage that has brought us much love and happiness.  He's a kind man.  He's a funny man.  He makes me laugh and lets me know how much I am loved.  I am complete with him.


Happy 45th anniversary to US!