Sunday, October 30, 2011

You should see the other guy! This is NOT a mug shot!

Warning--content may be upsetting to small children and sensitive adults.

Actually, there is no "other guy".  I did this all by myself.

Friday evening, about 5:30, I was transporting some plants to the basement for the winter.  On my first trip down, I don't know why, I fell OFF the stairs to the left. I fell onto a collapsible clothes drying rack--it collapsed (hence, the name) with me on top of it, face down. My head hit a bucket that holds my cleaning rags. There I lay, on m'belly, with a painful right arm/shoulder. Thankfully the phone was right there and I called Rick. He was home in a few minutes, helped me up (very slowly) and we went to the ER.

My experience at the hospital was less than adequate for about the first hour.  A little teenage volunteer asked us to fill out a questionnaire.  Rick starts to fill it out and a woman comes over and asks, "Why are you here?".  I answer, "I fell."  She replies, "Are you hurt?" and so many sarcastic comments come to mind, but I replied, "Yes, I hurt my arm and my face."

Anyway, after several bumbling, rude, insensitive and less-than-gentle staff, I got a great doctor and nurse and my care level skyrocketed!  Thankfully my arm isn't broken, I don't have a concussion, no blood on my brain.

I will hopefully see the orthopedist tomorrow about the dislocated shoulder and ligament damage. 

As I look back, I'm very fortunate I am not hurt more than I am and I'm very grateful for that.