Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am making new drag-a-long blankets for three of the grandchildren. Little Nathan carries his almost everywhere and he chews on it!!! Kelly washes it often, but she would like another so that he always has a fresh one. As we all know, if you make one for one grandchild, you must make something for each grandchild; therefore, Anna's getting a new one too! Hadley likes a different type of drag-a-long, so I'm working on one for her, too.

Rick is on vacation due to the fact that he has time he must "use or lose". It's fun having him home. Yesterday we cleaned half the garage. We each had something to do in the afternoon, so we put off to today to finish. RAIN, RAIN today. Maybe it will let up and we'll work on it a bit later.

While it rained, I went upstairs and began cutting out a handwork project from this book,
Stitch and Split Applique.I so fell in love with the Ice Cream Roses quilt that Quiltdivajulie has made, but that pattern wasn't available at my local quilt shop and my gal suggested this book full of fun patterns for applique.

Time to watch a movie with the DH...Dark Knight is now playing in our comfy living room.


  1. What a great idea... drag-a-long blankets!

    Enjoy the movie.

  2. You don't mind me asking for it, do you? He just LOVES red blankie! Anna is super in love with hers now, too. Her's just doesn't stink like his does!

    Thanks, MIMI!!!

  3. One of my grandsns had a flannel receiving blanket I gave him that was his drag-along blanket. He wore it down to about the size of a handkerchief but one day strolling through a fabric store I spotted the original fabric! I bought several yards, made him 3 new ones, and his mom could wash a dirty and give him a clean one and he never knew they were being switched out! blessings, marlene


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