Saturday, February 6, 2010

Did somebody say S N O W ?

I have to admit it, I LOVE snow! It's so beautiful, it puts a clean coat on a dull not-yet-spring view and it makes things brighter! I know it can be difficult to shovel, to clear off your car and to drive. Despite all the reasons to dislike it, I just absolutely think it's beautiful. I like being outside in it. It makes me feel revived.

This picture is outside my door.

This picture is outside my door, looking into my neighbor's
(Mike and Rebecca) back yard.

My darling hubby...



Enjoy's one of God's gifts!

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  1. I like snow viewed from my window, but I must admit, I do love the sound of walking in new snow...that crunch sound it makes. Cute bag in your prior post.


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