Monday, March 8, 2010

No picture, emotion pouring forth

I'm really emotional today.

I've been sick and off work since Thursday. I have some respiratory illness and feel like, not a dyslexic slip, just a Freudian thingie. I will be going to work tomorrow, but if I can't manage the whole day I will come home.

The sun is shining and it's beautiful outside. I can get up and do some things, but if I overexert I can't keep going and need to rest. This is troubling to me...makes me feel inadequate. Not a rational thought, I know, but being sick often takes the rational out of you.

I was browsing some blogs earlier and read a post by Victoria at Bumble Beans. She had a really good point about "creating" and how she does some of it. I absolutely love to create. I don't have a ton of confidence in my abstract creations, but her post inspired me. Inspired me to comment on her post and her reply (email version) was very touching.

More emotion...
My daughter told me about a movie titled "Temple Grandin". If you haven't seen it, it's a great movie. I am the grandmother of an autistic grandson. He's just 2+ and he's been receiving help since he was diagnosed just before his 2nd birthday. This movie has given me a different and better understanding of autism. The lightbulb phrase is DIFFERENT, NOT LESS. Somehow I need to contact Temple Grandin and express my emotion to her.

As I write this post tears are still leaving tracks upon my cheeks. As I said earlier in my writings, this blog is for me to journal. This post is from my heart.

To those of you who love me, thank you. To those of you who may occasionally visit my blog and leave a comment, thank you. To those of you who might just stop by and read, thanks for you.

Dear God...Thank you for so many things. Today I ask you to help me. Help me in so many ways that only You can know. You know my heart, You know my needs. Please take my hand and lead me. In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.


  1. Definitely different and not less, Mimi.

    Hope you feel better soon. So many folks are really sick now.

  2. I saw a comment you left on V's blog and wondered if you'd be interested in joining the Liberated Quilters group at

    We don't use patterns!

  3. ((Mimi)) hope you are feeling much better.


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