Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This and that

Jennifer went to the doctor today and he's changed the date he's going to induce her labor. Tuesday, April 20 will be the day of the new arrival. She's very swollen and very tired, but all looks good for this soon-to-be-born darling. No names have been decided upon as yet...!!!

Lots going on in Kelly's family. Nathan is sick. He won't drink or eat and if he doesn't take in some fluids tonight he will be going to the hospital tomorrow. The doctor gave him some medicine and Kelly got him to take it in a spoonful of applesauce. Thank goodness. Hopefully he'll drink something. Poor little guy.

I've been working on lady bugs for Hadley's curtains. They are all put together and Jennifer will have to pin them on the curtains and then I will sew them on. Hadley's new room sounds like it's almost ready to move her in.

So much going on. Today was a horrible day at work, kids forge notes and phone calls. I hate lying. I HATE it. I want to trust kids and I normally do, but when they use me it makes me MAD.

Lots of issues at work, but work is over for today and tomorrow hopefully (scratch be better.

Ricky's taking a snooze. He's been tired, very tired.

The weather is beautiful...sunshine and warm temps. Just my kind of day, weatherwise! I don't like it real hot, but sun...well, there is nothing like sunshine.

I'm eager to see my grandchildren.

Dear Father in Heaven, I pray You lay Your healing hands upon Nathan and heal his belly. Please help our little guy to feel better and thrive. Bless Evie, Anna and little Vivian, keep them safe, healthy and happy. Raise Kelly and Scott up and bless them, please. Keep them safe from harm and bless their union.

I ask that You help Jennifer as she prepares and delivers this gift of life that You have blessed them with. May all the preparations and plans go smoothly and may Hadley fall in love with this new child. Bless Todd, Jennifer and Hadley and keep them safe, happy and healthy. Bless their union.

I ask that You keep my dear Rick safe from harm, keep him healthy and happy. Help us to keep You first in our lives and to lead the life You want us to lead.

Thank you so much for Your many blessings. In the name of Your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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  1. You sound whelmed and exhausted. The end of the school year is SO stressful. I'm hoping by now that your little one has arrived and all is well. We leave tomorrow to meet our newest who is all of five days old right now. And the next one is due in two weeks! Peace to you . . . .


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