Monday, November 8, 2010

Couple of things...

These two cuties...aren't they the cutest?

First thing, retirement! I have 13 more working days until retirement!! Woo hoo!

My job was posted TODAY. It will be on the "block" until Friday for folks who work in the system to apply. One woman (who works at the high school) wants to learn it. She works 2nd shift, so she will come in from 7 until 11 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to learn my job. She's a sweet person and I hope she gets the job.

One of the women who substitutes for me wants it, too; and rumor has it someone at the middle school is interested. Of course, we all have our favorites and (chuckle) one big UNfavorite!!

I am looking forward to retirement with a HUGE smile on my face. Going to work is difficult right say the least, it's been a tough year.

Secondly, I won a raffle from the craft fair I went to on Saturday! I won a set of red Fiestaware, some Christmas tea towels with 4 matching place mats and a Fiestaware pitcher. A few other things were stashed in there, too. I really don't need (or want to keep) the dishes, so I'm looking for a new home for them.

I was up in my sewing studio last week and whipped up a pillow for my friend (the school nurse) for Christmas. It turned out really cute (super easy) and I think she'll like it. I have a lot more things planned to make...UFO' upon retirement I hope I can be more productive.

Time to close for now.

Dear Lord, it's been a beautiful sunny day here in Kent, Ohio. Thank you. The sun warms my soul. I don't mind the cold, but when you clear patches of clouds in the sky and allow the sun to shine through it brightens my whole day.

Bless my loved ones, near and far.

In the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen


  1. So glad that you only have to endure for a few more days!!! Love you, Mom!

  2. I wish you lived close to me - I'd love to have those dishes. They's be pretty with my navy blue Fiesta. Congratulations on the retirement! I was a public school person for many years and I love, love, love being retired. There's no time to work. :) Too much fun stuff to do, even if it's just sitting in my chair and reading a book. Kiddos are dolls - won't it be fun to spend more time with them. I am quite sure God created retirement along with all the other good stuff. :) blessings, marlene

  3. Yes..they are cute. The innocence of children really tugs at the heart. Congratulations on your win and thank you for the sharing with us your prayer.

  4. Precious children..Can't wait for your retirement. I'm so happy for you.



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