Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ramblings and a "brain cramp" story

Today is a day for puttering.  I love to putter around.  On my list of things to do is to create a C.O.W. block for Nancy, Near Philadelphia.  I think she turned out pretty's a picture of her for you.  
Also on my list of putterings for today is to cut some 5 inch blocks for a red and white fabric swap that my blogging friend Karen is heading up.  I need to cut 125 blocks, so I don't know if I'll get 'em all done today or not, as I also want to do a little gardening.    

Now for a funny little "brain cramp" story.  Yesterday I needed to go to the quilt store to pick up some supplies.  It's near my daughter Jennifer's home, so I went there first.  As I left her home, I was traveling what I THOUGHT was the way to the shop.  I went the wrong way.  When I figured out I had gone the wrong way, I was quite a distance from her home.  Thank goodness for my GPS.  I pulled off the road, typed in the address and was directed to the quilt shop.  It was a long way around, for sure.  I had to stop for gas (my tank was a little low already).  I felt so foolish, but all turned out well. 

Back to puttering!
PS  I got all the 5 inch blocks cut!!  Yeah for me!

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  1. That is an adorable block. I know Nancy will like it.


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