Friday, July 8, 2011

Frozen cappuccino!

I was reading Karen's blog, "Sew Many Ways" and she was making an iced coffee today.  This spurred me into showing you how I make my no-fat, sugar-free, frozen mocha cappuccino.  
I start with my Mr. Coffee espresso maker.  It was a birthday gift from my hubby many years ago.  I use a stick blender (mine is a Waring brand) and it's quite powerful and I really like it a lot.
I use espresso.  You can use regular coffee, but I really like ground espresso beans.  Make yourself a nice strong espresso.
I use lactose free, skim milk and freeze it into ice cubes.  (I make the milk cubes ahead of time and keep them ready.)  I use 8 cubes, which is one cup of milk...a full serving for meeting a portion of my daily nutritional needs.

After I make my espresso, I pour it over my milk cubes (in a BIG vessel, because it will increase in volume when you blend it) along with two Splenda packets, a few drops of vanilla extract and a quick shot of Hershey's sugar-free chocolate syrup.
Using the stick blender, start blending, and chopping up your milk cubes.  It will get thick and increase in volume.

Pour over a couple of ice cubes in your serving glass.
Put your feet up, relax a bit and enjoy.

What a guilt-free refreshment!
If you make one, let me know what you think!

Finished product----->

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