Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pink Grannies, the flimsy

This flimsy is complete and until a better name is chosen, she shall be called "Pink Grannies".

I have plans to make a couple more of these...I have shades of blue and shades of green that I believe would be pretty, too.

Rick is behind this quilt (I'm sure he is smiling!) while I snapped the photo.

Tomorrow, bright and early, I'm heading to my older daughter's house to help her family this week.  So, there won't be any more sewing for a few days!


  1. Ahhhh, I love it! It is so sweet! My granny squares are still just little thoughts in my head, but you took action! Good for will be my inspiration!

  2. So pretty in pink. I really like the border. Love to have you stop by and visit me and see my grannies.

  3. Wow what a lovely quilt. Reminds me of pink Fairy Floss very sweet.

  4. A sweet quilt for sure. I like the name you have given it and think you should stick with it.

  5. I want to make one of these! Yours is so sweet!


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