Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mmmm, delicious!

I (along with my daughter, Jennifer) took Wilton Cake Decorating classes at a nearby Michael's store this last couple of months.  We had a blast (the instructor was great and the group of ladies were super-fun!).  Now, I know you may think..."Wow, that Helen is one fantastically domestic goddess!".  As much as I hate to disappoint you, well, maybe I'll just let you think that.

Here is the cake that I just completed.  Making all those flowers was fun and many laughs and fun times were enjoyed while making them.  When it was time to enjoy the fruits of my labor, I divided this baby up and shipped a little bit off to six of my neighbors.  Not a big piece for anyone, but a treat to be enjoyed that night after supper.  I had rave reviews that the cake was tasty, and I can attest to that fact as I had a small slice myself.

This is Treva!
Last week was my youngest granddaughter's (Treva's) birthday, she turned 2!

Here are a few pictures of us making her cake...his name is Larry Boy from Veggie Tales.  Lots of time was spent creating Larry Boy and our efforts were appreciated, as Treva was delighted with him.  (Plus, for a cucumber, he was one mighty-tasty cake!

This is Jennifer, working on Larry Boy
I'm working on Larry Boy

Evie in back, Hadley, Nathan, Viv and Anna
Hadley, Jennifer & Treva

Larry Boy

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  1. Good for you, it is great! I know who Larry Boy is, have watched hours of Veggie Tales with grandkids in years past.


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