Saturday, June 23, 2012

Look what came in the mail for me today!

I took part in a "July 4th Mug Rug Swap" on Flickr. My swap partner was Lisa, from Alabama and she does some pretty fantastic work. She tells me she's new at this, that this was her first applique and that she has never done free motion quilting before! Well, she surely has some talent, that's for sure.  Thanks SO much, Lisa!

To the left and to the right are the mug rugs that Lisa received from me.  They look a little "wonky" in the photos, but they aren't.  the one on the left was just an exercise in creativity.  The one on the right is made with the "convergence" design by Ricky Tims.  I made another quilt a while back with his guidance and I do love the way things turn out.  A lot depends on fabric choices, that's for sure.  I do hope Lisa likes what she received from me, too.  (She DID write to me and express her appreciation.)


  1. Helen, they are all adorable! Love what you received, and also love what you are sending! Well done!

  2. Those are all wonderful. I love the owl.


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