Sunday, August 5, 2012

Starring Treva

See this cutie to the left?
It's Treva!  A pint-sized tornado!

This is a granny-square quilt I made for Treva.  She's the youngest of 6 grandchildren and somehow I got waaay behind in making quilts for the two youngest!  However, I got this done and given to my cutie.  I think the old adage is true...better late than never!

The backing is minkie...I love it for baby quilts as it gives such a cozy and silky cuddle.

A little close up photo of the label.

I sure hope this quilt reminds Treva how much Mimi loves her long after Mimi is gone.


  1. What a little beautie...both your grand daughter and the quilt!

  2. She's a doll! And so is the quilt - I really want to make the granny square quilt but just haven't had time yet. I love the way it turns out. blessings, marlene


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