Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or treat?

It's a cold and rainy day.  Sandy (the hurricane/tropical storm/frankenstorm) is on her way up the east coast, coming inward toward Pennsylvania...and Ohio.

Today is trick or  treat but it's so ugly out.  Not many trick or treaters here.

I've got a couple of the grandkids since their parents wanted a little "no littles" time, so I put on some meatball stroganoff and then the girls and I made homemade rolls.  They had a blast!

I don't like the cold, damp, rainy weather...then again it's all part of the "cycle of life".  I'm missing my daughters...all in all, just feeling a little blue lately.  I should stop complaining and think about the quilts I'm currently working on.  After all, happiness is a state of mind that we choose, isn't it.

I can't show pictures of the quilts yet, they are a surprise, but I love the fabrics and am eager to get on with the show!

If you are in the path of this storm, take care of yourself and be very careful.  

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  1. Nice to read your post! Enjoy your time with the grand kids...would love to sample your home made rolls! Batten down the hatches and take care of yourself. Blues come and go and tomorrow is another day! Enjoy your quilting!


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