Monday, April 1, 2013

Photos, Easter weekend, 2013

 My six "littles".  Some are littler than others,
but they are my littles!

My Easter, March 31, 2013 was spent with family.  There was a birthday celebration and much love to be shared.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for Hadley's birthday on Friday.  

Saturday was a huge Easter Egg Hunt at the Snyder's home with probably 50 kids and their parents!

Sunday was finding Easter baskets from The Bunny, gifts of pillows and fun pillowcases (with a chocolate bunny tucked along/with) from Mimi and Papa.  There was church and dinner.  Then we all traveled home to rest, reflect and recuperate!  

I have a marvelous family, to be sure!  I love each and every one with all my heart and soul.

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