Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Newsy Tuesday

Yesterday was Memorial Day and it was a beautiful day weather wise. Our younger daughter and her family came up for a few hours. We had a little impromptu cook out, just burgers and dogs. We got out the play tent for Hadley to play in and she had a great time. Even Gracie Lou Freebush had fun being on the blanket and even got in the tent!

Unfortunately our older daughter and her family live farther away and we didn't get together this weekend.

I had a doctor appointment today to have my final consultation before surgery and sign the consent forms. I have pre-surgery testing later this week. Hopefully this 3rd surgery on (June 4th) will be the final one for this and my bladder will stay where it belongs.

I ran a few errands after my appointment then it was off toward home. I have wanted to make my mother's cabbage rolls for a long time, but I don't like making them because they take so long to make. However, I took my time and made them today. I have two pans in the freezer now. I like having meals prepared ahead when I'm recuperating. We often eat out...I don't cook very much at all anymore...but when I'm not feeling good I love having homemade meals ready in the freezer.

I believe that our entire family -- 4 grandchildren and 6 adults are going on vacation at the end of June. Travel restrictions to Mexico have eased (swine flu) and we are going to Cancun. I'm so excited!! Hubby and I need to get passports, so tomorrow after work we will get photos taken and head off to City Hall to start the procedure and pay the extra bucks to expedite the procedure.

Well, my DH is on his way home from golf and will be hungry! I have some leftovers from yesterday, so guess what he's getting!!?!


  1. Surgery is certainly nothing to look forward to, but I know that it is sometimes a necessary evil that we have to endure. Best of luck through it all - surgery and recovery. The vacation will be needed after that.

  2. Cancun sounds wonderful! Mimi, I need your addy. When you get a chance, can you email your snail mail address? Thanks. *karendianne.

  3. What a cute, cute picture! You're so smart to make food ahead of surgery - you'll be so glad you did. blessings, marlene


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