Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've been remiss in writing for quite a while. My life has been full, yes full of life, love and blessings.

This picture is a site that Rick and I took in while we hiked a little in Zion National Park.

We were on the trail and these beautiful trees were below us. I had to have a picture and even in the low light because of the time of day, it turned out lovely.

Then, on the flip side of natural beauty is the downright craziness of Las Vegas itself.

Rick and I had a wonderful week in Las Vegas. We really enjoyed ourselves and had lots of fun. When we returned, guess what? Swine flu has hit my high school! YIKEROO! We had 380 kids out one day. So, it was rush, rush, rush, try to get all the absences entered and then I get sick. I often get some sort of respiratory thing after flying, but this time it went full blown and I have something with a fever, and all the yucky stuff associated with it.

I'm missing my grandchildren. With being on vacation, then coming home and getting sick, it's been a looooong time without grandbaby lovin.

Absolutely no sewing has gotten done with all the hoopla. I have plans for Vivian's quilt in my head, then it's time to come up with an idea for the new baby due in April.

Enough for now, time for a nap and more Tylenol for fever.

Last pic, the handsome man and his wife in the beauty of nature:

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  1. I haven't been in Las Vegas for years...It is such fun for a weekend stay!


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