Friday, October 30, 2009

Feeling better, finally

Happy Halloween

It's been a long haul. I've had the flu or some such nuisance and I've been off work for 6 days now. I still have the dibilitating cough, but it's not producing any dark phlegm anymore and the fever has been gone for a couple of days now.

We have a teacher at school whose husband has cancer. He was diagnosed late last spring and it's very serious. We folks at school often make meals for families dealing with such situations, but I don't usually make meals. Mostly because I don't cook much and I'm not the greatest cook in the world. However, I did volunteer to make a meal this time.

The family has three girls and when I asked the mom what they like to eat, she mentioned they LOVE macaroni and cheese and the meals that had been prepared for them were lots of meatloaf and other things, but no one had made mac and cheese. WELL NOW, mac and cheese is right up my alley and I make a "mean" mac and cheese. So, here's how my menu goes...

Brains Au'Gratin (macaroni and cheese)
Spooky Tidbits (buttered veggies)
Haunted Moons A'Rising (dinner rolls)
Goblin Delights (cupcakes)
I made some halloween napkins, pictured below. Not the greatest pictures, it's really gloomy outside and my indoor lighting leaves a bit to be desired, but it's the best I have to remember them:

Rick is supposed to bring home a box from work that I'm going to wrap to pack the food into. I'll deliver it to their house later this afternoon. I just emailed her and they are at the hospital for treatments today, so I guess they eat around 4:30 or so. I hate to have her reheat it, so I'll probably deliver it around that time. That way all they will have to do is heat the rolls and that's optional.

After that I'm going to go to Jennifer's house and visit them. She has things for me to take to Kelly's house for Vivian. We are taking Guinness home tomorrow. It's good and it's sad, too. He's been good for Gracie, but it's not his home. I know Lily will miss him, she loves to torture!! I'm sure he will be excited to see his mama and dada, too. He's a good boy. Talking to Kelly today, she said the neighbors are missing him. :)

The plumbers were here this morning for drain maintenance and they left me a mess. I got it cleaned up, but now I have to finish getting me ready for the day.


  1. Cute idea on the menu and napkins....sure to bring a smile.

    OK..I want your recipe for your mean mac and cheese! (Please)

  2. I love the napkins and they will be treasured I am sure.


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