Monday, November 23, 2009

An early Thanksgiving gift

We (me especially) had a great afternoon at work today! Down the road from our school, a new bridge is being built. Construction workers broke a water main and school was dismissed early!!! WOO HOO! Talk about a Thanksgiving gift!

Today is the only day we had school this week. Needless to say, attendance sucked! I had so many phone calls, notes, parents coming in, kids calling themselves off, kids calling their friends off and all kinds of craziness that I didn't know if I was up or down, coming or going, whatever!!

The students were sent home at 1:00, leaving me to finish my day without all the craziness and interruptions of this kind of day.

We (staff) have the option of taking Tuesday and Wednesday off. We could take compensatory time if we had it or we could work extra hours and take those off as we wanted. Now I'm a little strapped for sick leave (due to family issues, etc. over the years) and don't want to take my comp time in the event I need it later on in the year. Therefore, I was planning to work 4 extra hours so I could take off half a day on Wednesday. Since school let out early, my extra hours were made up before the day got late. Hurray!

Thank you construction workers, you made my day!

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  1. When I was a teacher, i always looked forward to days off like that. I used to love them!
    Enjoy the time off!


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