Sunday, November 8, 2009

Traveling between home and the hospital

Rick remains in the hospital. He's still on clear liquids and having his dosages of IV antibiotics. One of the doctors in Dr. Uhall's practice came to clear him for surgery (Dr. Uhall has the flu, so he's not seeing anyone for a while). Later in the morning the surgeon came and said he would be operating on Rick tomorrow, Monday.

At this time the surgery time is not scheduled. We will wait to hear that later today.

I came home to do some laundry, rake some leaves and put in a batch of banana muffins so that I'll have a healthy snack while I'm at the hospital tomorrow. I haven't gone to the restaurant/cafeteria there as yet, but maybe tomorrow I'll have to since I'll be there most of the day.

Rick is resting comfortably with the exception that every time he gets to sleep, someone comes in to take his "vitals" or give him a pill or check to see if he's gone to the bathroom! Ah, the joys of hospital stays!


  1. I will keep you and Rick in my prayers tomorrow.
    Keep us posted.

  2. I'm Kelly's friend who also follows your posts...

    Will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers! We have spent way too many weeks in the hospital to not know what you are going thur!

    Sending you a HUGE HARTY HUG


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