Monday, March 7, 2011

Doctor appointments day

It's a beautiful sunny day today and I have been SO ready for sunshine I could bark at the moon. Rick had a check up at his ophthalmologist this morning. It was a good check up and he goes back in 6 months. All tests look good, nothing
to worry about. His eyes were dilated, so this beautiful sun is a bit difficult for his eyes, but he likes the blue skies, too.

This afternoon I went to see the doctor. It's been one week since I was released from the hospital. One of my questions...WHAT did I have. Turns out, I did have a strain of the flu, bacterial pneumonia with a reactionary asthma element. WOW!

I'm doing well, still going to finish taking my remaining medications...metformin (due to steroids, my blood sugar is not quite what it should be), advair and mucinex. I go back to the doc in 6 weeks for another check up.

Tomorrow I go to my gyn...such fun at our house now!! Have to laugh, all these appointments come in clumps!

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  1. Glad that you are feeling better. Those doctor appointments have a way of getting the better of us.


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