Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monkey, Elephant, Gray and ORANGE??!!

  I was asked to make 2 of my "Drag-a-long" blankets for a friend of my daughter.  She wanted the blankets to be gray with orange.

My mind was screaming,
"ORANGE and gray?", but as we all know, the customer is always right!  I called my customer and made sure that what she told me was in fact what she wanted.  Yes was her answer.  She wants these for friends who both have gray car seats and one has orange trim. "OK" I said and did a little Googling and did see that car seat.  It wasn't my style, but then, it doesn't have to be.
She wanted one with an
elephant and one with a monkey.
It's raining outside, so these pictures vary due to the lighting in my home.  Maybe later I can get a picture outdoors, but they are being delivered tomorrow


  1. Cute and I like the grey and orange!

  2. What a great idea! They will be warm and cozy!


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