Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vivian...4 now

Vivian is now 4.  In this picture she is only 3.  

You can see how she has matured by looking at the next two pictures!!

Seriously, she's a beautiful child, a deeply passionate and very determined.  She has an impish spirit upon occasion and she makes us laugh!  In the following pictures, her family has deemed her nickname, "Crazytrain"!

She is holding her banner for her bedroom door that Mimi (me) made for her for her birthday.  This year each of the grandchildren got one of these for their birthday in the colors I chose for them.  I hope they treasure them as they grow older and remember that their Mimi (and Papa) love them so very much.  Happy, happy birthday Vivian!  May your year be filled with wonder and love.  

This is the final grandchild birthday for the year, so now I need to come up with another project for next year's birthdays.

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  1. She's a sweetie and seems so proud of her new banner! Well done!


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