Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Drag-a-long, lovey...

Our neighbor, Emily is going to be an aunt again soon.  She asked me to create a little blankie for her new niece.  The shower is the first part of February, so I put a couple of things on "temporary hold" to get it done for her.  (Hate having to rush at the last minute.)

I have two quilts, one for Kelly, one for Jennifer, to finish up.  They are both over halfway quilted, but I want to do some extra stitches on them to make them just how I would like them to look.  Once they are done, I'm going on an "Organizing Terror".  I so want things organized and easy to use in my sewing area.

So, that's my news for now.


  1. How sweet. My granddaughter loves her minky quilt. She also has a smaller version to take along with her

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Pauline...

      I tried to email you and tell you how glad I am that you came to visit my blog. I appreciate your kind comment.

      I love working with minky...such a nice fabric for babies.

  3. I found some Minky remnants at Hobby Lobby the other day. Almost bought it, but didn't. I love to feel it myself, so I know a precious baby loves the feel.

    1. Oh, yes!! How could you keep yourself from purchasing it!!?

      Thanks for stopping by, Teresa. (hugs)


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