Sunday, January 26, 2014

Only 11 months till Christmas, or 69 days till Spring!

LOL...I put this on my Facebook status yesterday.  Nobody really wanted to hear it was 11 months till Christmas, but almost all my buddies liked the fact that springtime is only 69 days away! 

We've had a boatload of snow and terribly cold weather so far this winter.  This  week the wind chill might go to minus 40F.  That's some bone-chillin' weather!

Here's a picture of Sophie after coming in this afternoon.  She's silly and doesn't worry about the cold!  Such a pup!  She is nearly 8 months old and weighs 63 pounds.  She had her spay surgery on Wednesday of this would never know she had surgery...she's as bouncy as ever!
Today I washed up some fabric that's new...I'm a pre-wash person.  Lots of controversy in the quilting world about prewashing, but I don't all gets washed prior to going into my sewing room.

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