Thursday, January 22, 2015

January musings

It's been a LONG time since I've posted. 

The holidays were great this year, all the family came home and it was fabulous having everyone together in our home.  I think the children had a good time.  Our grown-up kids went out while we kept all the grand kids.  We had a great time with the grands and their parents;

I'm pretty sure the grown ups had a great time, too.

I've been sewing a bit.  My friend, Pat Hoaglin, asked me to make a bear and little blanket from her son's baby blanket.  Pat has a new granddaughter and wanted these things for her.  I'm not particularly fond of making stuffed animals, but she asked and I wanted to do it for her.

Before cutting into the blanket, I thought I should make a trial bear.  I went into my "stash" and found this blue fleece.  One of the neighbors just had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago, so this trial bear will be for baby Benjamin Douglas. 

Next week I'm going to be making something I've not tried and updates will follow. 

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