Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saturday, Oops, I've missed a few!

I guess I've been busy!  I missed posting for a few days, so let's catch things up.

Wednesday, Rick had his surgery.  I've posted about that.

Thursday...well, I have no idea what I did Thursday!!  Short memory, that's why I document daily if I can!!

Friday, well, I remember Friday.  I went to a couple of garage sales with Cris in the morning.  I got a really nice KitchenAid electric tea kettle!  Then dropped Cris off at her house, ran to Walmart for a few things and came home to my "boy".  He's doing ok, but he's tired; not sleeping well.  Later in the day I walked Sophie and then mowed the lawn.  (I don't like mowing the lawn, it shouldn't be so taxing, but it IS.)  In the evening, I cleaned out the two bottom drawers in the dresser behind the dining room door.  I got rid of some things, and moved a few things from a cupboard I want to clean out tomorrow.

Saturday I cleaned out and reorganized a couple of cupboards.  I would like to be able to get to my blender easier, and that BIG corner cupboard under the counter is huge and deep.  I took got rid of things we didn't need anymore and moved some things to another place.  It's much more organized and I can get to things easier.  I just got back from taking Sophie for a walk.  Things I bought from Amazon (two of three packages) came and I got those put where they belong.

Tomorrow I'd like to go to Marshall's and return a purse I purchased that I changed my mind about.

Enough for a few days!

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