Monday, August 3, 2009


This is Gracie.

She's a wonderful dog. She is "on duty" when we are outside and she doesn't leave anyone into the yard without my knowledge. I actually have people who think we have an electric fence, but we don't. She just knows she's to stay in our yard. She brings a lot of joy to our lives.

When our grandchildren are around she is incredibly gentle and sweet, but she misses her attention! She's a great friend.

I'm feeling less "down" today. I got
a few (10 to be exact) blocks done for my Flying Geese in the Forest quilt.
I also watched Hadley this morning while Jennifer was "craft lady" at vacation bible school. A little laundry was accomplished, a walk (pushing the stroller) was enjoyed, sewing, and I made a delicious dinner. All in all, I feel pretty efficient today.
I took a little time out of the day just for me. I went to the nail salon and treated myself to a pedicure. I love pedicures. In my opinion, it's about the best way of pampering yourself you can buy. The girl spoke hardly any English and that was kind of nice for a change...I didn't have to make conversation. I just sat back and relaxed, drank a McDonald's iced mocha and browsed Bonnie Hunter's Scraps and Shirttails book. The chair was doing it's massage on my back and it felt W - O - N - D - E - R - F - U - L.
Night night.


  1. Sounds like a great day. I love days like that.

    Gracie sounds like a keeper!

  2. What a good friend Gracie is! Nothing like a loyal dog to make you feel loved!

    A pedicure is great, I've had one, a mother's day gift, and it was awesome!

  3. Dogs are such good friends and so loyal!

  4. If my movie trivia is correct, Gracie is also a member of the FBI and undercover is she not??? LOL She is a cutie, and I'm sure she loves being with you all.


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