Friday, November 11, 2011


I drafted this post on Nov. 5, but failed to post it at that time...I thought I should add some photos.  However, many things have changed since then.  I'm posting this, then I'll post again on the changes in my status.

I'm feeling better from the fall...the eyes got worse, now they are getting better!

As far as my dislocated shoulder, I'm waiting for my MRI appointment.  Sadly (not sure why I say that, other than I want to KNOW what's going on) my appointment isn't until November 14th, then a doctor visit on the 16th.  Dr. Pryce said there's a broken bone in the shoulder joint (not sure what bone he called it).

Doc said the shoulder should heal and in the event it doesn't, he could do surgery on it after that time to repair any unhealed damage.  Hope the MRI clears up some of the questions I have about this situation.

I'm finding some new bruises here and there.  I got a pedicure and one of my toenails is badly bruised.  My left thigh has a big bruise with a hard lump in it.  I'm not surprised by these findings, I think it's all part of the fall-process.

On top of not being in tip-top condition right now, I have acquired a cold.  It makes my sinuses hurt.  They hurt so much that my teeth are bothering me, too.  I'm taking ibuprofen and Airborne to deal with the symptoms and to make myself more comfortable.

I'm hoping that I can start hiking again with my sister this week.  I took this past week off due to recuperation from the fall...Rick didn't think it was a good idea for me to be hiking, either.  I've been pretty much laying around, playing on the computer and puttering about the house.  Time to get out and get some exercise...I'm sure I'll feel better.

I accidentally missed my hair appointment on Thursday.  I need my hair cut!!  It's shaggy and with my bum shoulder, it's even harder to look presentable!  I'm in on Thursday of this coming week, so things should be easier.

We are off to Jennifer and Todd's house this afternoon.  Kelly and Scott are dropping off their children at their house so they can attend a fancy-schmancy wedding in Cleveland.  It's black tie!  Woo hoo...don't think I've ever even been invited to a black tie affair.  All the men must wear tuxedos.  I asked my daughter what SHE was going to wear.  She laughed and said, "My bathrobe!"  I asked if she was wearing her fuzzy slippers to match!  Anyway, the reception is at the Ritz Carlton and they are spending the night in Cleveland.  Jennifer and Todd will have their hands full with 6 children tonight!  We'll go this afternoon for a few hours and have a wonderful time with all of them.

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