Friday, November 11, 2011

More injury, new doc & surgery

Change...Thought I was getting better, but I RE-DISLOCATED my shoulder on Monday, November 7.  I was going to put away a little clean laundry, reached out and the shoulder went out.  More excruciating pain.

I'll leave out the details of my former doctor being a total jerk and tell you he is no longer caring for me.  I went back to the ER, had the shoulder put back in place. 

I called a long-time friend and trainer on Tuesday morning, who got me headed in the right direction.  I went to see Dr. N. Shah who is incredible.  He is team doc for KSU and RHS football.  He looked at my ct scan and x-rays and stated I must have surgery.  He recommended I see Dr. R. Bell at the Crystal Clinic.  I saw Dr. Bell -- best shoulder surgeon in the area -- also on Tuesday.  I was scheduled for surgery on 11/11/11.

So, today at 2 pm, I am being operated on.  At this time, the full extent of the damage to my painful right shoulder is not completely known, but there is at least one broken bone and probably some muscle and ligament damage.  Possibly rotator cuff damage. 

Updates to follow.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your continuing pain Helen. I've lifted you up this morning asking for healing and strength. blessings, marlene

  2. I am just reading this and hoping that all went well with the surgery. May God bless you with a complete recovery.


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