Monday, November 21, 2011

My blessings

     I am blessed in many ways, I truly am.  I have marveled (from early in my life) just how blessed I have been.  I grew up in a stable, loving, God-centered family.  We were rich...not with money (even though we had enough of it), but with blessings.

     When I married, I found the best man I could ever dream.  He loved me.  I loved him.  Love was young and exciting.  We  were blessed with two beautiful, wonderful, loving daughters.  My family was as I dreamed...stable, loving, God centered and rich in what was important.  We, as all families, had issues to deal with--illnesses, deaths and sadness at times.  But above everything, there was love.

     My family grew up, the girls are now beautiful, wonderful wives and mothers...again...blessings.  I've had the empty nest, and while I KNOW in my head that this is how life should be, sometimes I miss my little nucleus.  I've told friends who dislike their empty nest, "This is a blessing...God's way of bringing husband and wife closer".  

     The love is still there, not the young immature love, but the time-tested, true, love of a lifetime.

     My angel in the spotlight for this post is my husband, Rick.  As I write about him, tears are close to the surface.  This last few weeks has been very difficult for me since my fall -- with the injury, surgery, pain, recuperation, emotional times, etc.  Something I can not wrap my mind around is his patience, his caring and his demeanor in taking care of my every need.  He is here, not leaving me without taking care of what I need or might want.  When he leaves, he reminds me he can come home from work if I need anything at all.  He totally overwhelms me with his love.  He gives me my meds, keeping track of when I need it, as the narcotic keeps me from remembering when I last took it.  He brings me my meals, helps me shower (even helps me fix my hair), dresses my wounds, helps me dress...every detail.

     Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have showered upon me.  Thank you, Rick, for loving me.

This is my blessed family.  The handsome silver-haired man in the middle is my sweet Rick.


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