Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A new "wonky" house, plus one more

Rick is feeling better and went to work today.  I love this unseasonably warm and sunny weather we are having, so, because I wanted to check on him at work, I just walked down and spent a little time with him.  

When I got home, I put the new tubes in my golf bag.  Now I have enough tubes to hold all my clubs.  I had two old ones that were broken, so those went into the recycling bin.

I took down the wreaths that were in the front window.  I scrubbed my tennis shoes (they get so grimy) and then got lunch ready for Rick.

After he went back to work, I took all the decorations off the Christmas tree.  I'm not able to schlep the tree upstairs, so we will probably do that tonight.

I wanted to try my hand at another wonky house block for the group I joined.  I like this one, I think it turned out pretty nice .  The one on the right...well, I did this one on Wednesday, 1/11.


  1. We're not having your warm weather here - brrr! Love your wonky houses. blessings, marlene

  2. Love the wonky houses! The fabrics, special details, and the doorknobs are just too cute!


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