Thursday, March 7, 2013


No pictures in this post, just some ramblings from a gal just wanting to gab...

Things have been busy at my house...lots of sewing has been done, most of it is being gifted soon, but still so much more to do.

My hubby has been under the weather, but he is getting better!

We took a road trip vacation to Florida that was like reliving our honeymoon (43 years ago) along with vacations we took to Florida when the children were little.  It was a fabulous vacation and we put about 3,000 miles on our car.  We went to Epcot a day, we went to beaches at Clearwater and Naples.  We loved spending one-on-one time with each other...took me waaay back in time!    We picked up shells, we laughed and watched a beautiful beach sunset.  The beach has a strange effect on me...makes me feel lonely sometimes and in chatting with the love of my life, I found he often feels the same way.  We watched pelicans diving into shallow waters to get their breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  We watched fishermen reeling their catch onto the pier FAST so that the dolphins didn't get them first.  We oooh'd and awe'd as we watched dolphins in the bay, seagulls that stole fish right out of the jaws of the dolphins and we laughed and gasped in delight.

We are back home, we are all settled in.  We have been working out (exercising) every day...doing what we should to become (and take care) of our healthiness!

We are eager for spring.  Truly eager.  We are tired of the cold and especially the gloom.  The gloom gets us down, so I purchased lights to help with seasonal affective disorder.  One of the lamps "crapped out" on us, so we are waiting for a replacement to come any day.  It's a wonderful amount of light and it does make you feel better.  But spring...spring,'s wonderful.  We can't wait until spring; there is sunshine, blue sky and warmth.  Warmth that allows you to be outside more.  To rejuvenate your soul, as well as the flowers and other living things that open up and come alive when the weather takes a turn.

This Sunday we "jump ahead" and set the clocks ahead one hour.  I absolutely LOVE Daylight Saving Time.  Having an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day is an incredible thing.  It keeps you more active, you can do so much more with that hour at the end of the day.  I'm a morning gal, but I can do whatever I want in the dark if it's morning.  After dark at night, a body should be tucked in her home!!


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