Friday, March 8, 2013


Last week, I cleaned my kitchen drain.  You know...they get kinda gunky and smelly, so I put baking soda in the drain followed by white vinegar.  I loved to watch it bubble and foam and remove all that icky stuff that likes to live in the dark tube called the drain.

Today Rick and I went to the store and I bought some of my yummies for this week.  I bought a couple of boxes of blueberries, 2 pounds of carrots, spinach and a beautiful head of cauliflower.  Now, my routine is to bring that stuff into the house and clean it, NOW.

Well, we unpacked all the other goodies we bought--put it all away and I started to go to work on cleaning the veggies and fruit. 


The drain decide it wasn't going to drain.  UGH...  I got my little tool out that I use to clear out the bathroom drain of hair and soap residue.  Nope, that didn't do a thing for my issue.  I put some water on to boil and then put salt, baking soda and another big dose of vinegar.  More bubbling, more gurgling and just a little movement.  Ok...I think we are on to something!  Poured in the boiling water and NOTHING!!!!  Nope, it wouldn't budge a bit!  DARN!

A trip to the basement to hunt up the plunger. I waited for the boiling water to cool and then "Wonderwoman" went to town.  Hurray!!!  I cleared the drain!!! 

I'm feeling VERY accomplished...just so you know!


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