Monday, March 9, 2009


Dragon? Dragging...yep, that's me today.
Today was my first day back to work after my surgery and three weeks of recovery. I slept horribly last night. It was too warm in our bedroom. I would toss and turn, then finally fall asleep. Sleep for maybe 30-45 minutes, then wake. Leg cramps. Grrrr, not an easy night.

I got up at 5 and spent half an hour exercising. I was a bit late to work...maybe 10 minutes. Not a problem since this week is OGT and first period doesn't start till 10:25.

Morning wasn't too bad. I kept up with the pace and all was well. Everyone who came to see me mentioned how rested I looked. IN THE MORNING. In the afternoon, I was dragging. I wasn't prepared for this.

I was feeling great at home and expected the same when I returned to work. I don't. I hurt. My hips and my legs hurt. My stomach bothered me, too. (Am I whining??)

After work I did a couple of chores, sat down in my recliner and went to sleep. Not a 20 minute nap, but probably more like an hour or more. I feel better.

Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

Thanks for listening.



  1. Hi Mimi,
    Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you're feeling better and no you're not whining. Every day will be easier than the one before.
    Good luck,

  2. Eat a half a banana or drink a glass of OJ before going to bed. Helps a LOT with the leg and foot cramps!


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