Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday musings

This morning I woke to a wonderful sound. I heard thunder in the distance.

Now for me, thunderstorms bring wonderful memories of childhood. I learned long ago that I was secure and safe in my home. My childhood was secure and filled with love. I never worried that harm would come as long as I was at home with my parents.

When our children were young, we lived in a home that had a screened-in patio with a metal roof. Oh, how we loved sitting on the patio and watching the storms roll in from the southwest. We would gather, sometimes taking a blanket so we could cuddle beneath it as the rain spray might come through the screening. During these times our children came to embrace the storms, also. It was beautiful to watch the clouds coming our way, watching the lightning and the sound. The SOUND!! Rain pelting on the metal roof, drowning out all other noise, but so soothing to the soul. It was a treat to take those times and be close with those we loved.

After leaving that house, we purchased my childhood home. It's a different feeling now when the storms roll in, I now worry that the drain is clear that takes the water to the sump pump and our basement doesn't take in water. I sometimes worry that the spouting is clear of debris. I guess that's part of being a "grown up". However, I still feel the calm when I know those things are taken care of and can relax to enjoy the storm.

I need to ask my girls if they remember those times of cuddling on the patio when they lived at 482 Silver Meadows Blvd.

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