Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm so excited that tomorrow is Friday. I love the weekend and the freedom it brings.

The weather here is beautiful today, the only thing bad about it is that I wasn't able to get out in it much. I think I'm going to take Gracie and go for a little walk here in a few minutes.

Today's work was super hectic. Senior Retreat was huge and continues tomorrow, too. Good thing about it is that it's all entered!! Woo hoo!!! I worked through lunch and stayed about 40 minutes more to get the work complete, but I am all done. I even got tomorrow's field trips entered so I have a bit of a jump on Friday.

Looks like tomorrow will bring us rain. Bah! After the rain our temperatures will be cooling down...getting really cold on Tuesday. I am paying attention to this because Rick has joined a golf league on Tuesdays. We are expecting snow on Tuesday!! I doubt he will golf that day!!

I think I'll wash up all my fabrics I bought in Vegas this weekend. I like having all my stash washed and sometimes ironed...ready for use when the time is right. While on the quilt shop tour one of our topics was "Wash or Not Wash?"

What are your feelings? Do you wash your fabrics before using?

I was in the minority. I love having mine all ready to use. When I wash it all and store it, I don't have to wait when I want to use it. I often iron it, but sometimes I just fold it nicely and store it by color.

My dear niece, Kathy, was cleaning out her sewing room/office and gave me a lot of her fabric scraps. BIG scraps!! I still haven't brought it all in from the car as yet, but I should bring it in and wash it up this weekend, too.

Well, enough rambling on for now...


  1. Hi, Mimi!
    I kinda tend to "mix" the washing. Sometimes I do take a large bit of bought or acquired fabric and wash and fold, but sometimes not. Then, as you say, I have to wash what I need when ready for a project. I did wash 4 lingerie wash bags full of scraps and have only ironed and strip cut one! I even have about 2-3 boxes of scraps yet to sort and wash too! I am trying to get that done....but slow going!

  2. Last year I did a big mass washing of all my fabric, but I've acqired a lot more since then and haven't prewashed any of it. I love the feel of fresh off the bolt fabric and it's just not the same after it's washed! I also like my fabric and batting to shrink a little when I use free motion quilting(to create that crinkle effect) so I don't bother to prewash anymore.

  3. I'm definitely a "washer." Always have been...always will be. I like the softness that laundering brings. Others like their fabric to be crisp and smooth. Oh long as we all respect one another and play nicely, right?!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just had to pay you a visit too. I'll be back!!!


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