Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WHEW! Can I get activity points for this?

Well, it's not really aerobic exercise, but working on organizing my sewing heaven. WHAT A MESS!!!

Why is it when you clean something up it gets worse before it gets better? I'm in the REALLY BAD MESS stage right now.

I've decided to go through all my fabrics. Some are not worth keeping; they were cast offs from others who had no use for them either, so those will go to a charity. I'm refolding, sorting, stacking and all that fun (notice the sarcasm) stuff that we quilters must go through from time to time.

As mentioned before that I'm such a clutterer. I'm not good at this organizational thing...I just have too much stuff. Not only do I want to reorganize the fabric, but my work space, too. Sometimes tears are just around the corner. I wish there were someone close in proximity with who(m?) I could bare my soul and beg for assistance. SIGH...

I'll post again on my progress.

Wishing I were Samantha from Bewitched....

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