Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday, Saturday...Isn't there a song that starts that way?

Well, there might be a song, but I'm not singing. I promise!!!

I was just inspired by reading a post by Mrs. Goodneedle and I'm making a small to do list for today. It's small, but focused. I'm SURE I can do it.

1. Smile! I can't help but smile at this picture. It's Easter Bunny Evie. She's my first grandchild. Isn't she a cute bunny!?

2. Clutterbust the computer room. This involves working with my underorganized photos, putting my greeting card stash in a more appropriate place (the file cabinet) and putting away my clutter.

3. Return item to library

4. Wash up my new fabrics

Yep, I can do those four things today. It's ok if I add other things to the list (after I complete them...that's my way of making me feel better about things).
Have a great Saturday. Above all, enjoy your day.


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