Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beautiful sunny day

Today is Ricky's birthday and he has been a good boy so the presents have been doled out through the day. A little one here a little one there...and then one came in the mail that I thought would NEVER come. Fun day.

We are doing almost NOTHING today! We lounged in our pj's a long while, then I made us a really swanky lunch...grilled cheese and a cup of chicken & dumpling soup. Lemme tell you, I'm one GREAT cook!! LOL

It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining and with the snow we received, it's gorgeous. I love days like this. It's warming up and the sidewalks and driveway are clear of snow.


  1. I read your post about retiring and I so agree with you. I am trying to decide what to do now - I ahve in my 28 years now, and can retire, but it would mean a serious financial setback. Two and half more years and I will be 62 and then it won't be so bad.....hmmm...can I wait that long?


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