Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pain, Agony...oooooh, goodness

Here's the deal...

I got upstairs to do a little sewing today. It wasn't pretty, it was like Frankenstein climbing stairs. Why you ask? Well, on Saturday I went to my first CrossFit exercise session.

*Now I need to remember that I'm no spring chicken, I'm overweight and I'm really out of shape. My trainer got me started with a "mild" workout. Yes, compared to what others were doing, my session WAS mild. Refer to the * and reread.

I can hardly move. Literally, I can hardly move. It's agony to sit down to go to the bathroom. Getting up from that position is just as agonizing as sitting down.

A girl really wants/needs to sew if she has this much trouble getting around. I am that girl. I made it upstairs, sewed for about an hour -- also agonizing when you must sit down, get up, walk to the ironing board, the cutting table and then sit back down. Repeat! LOL...

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday and I have my second CrossFit workout!!! Oh, Lord...that will the future hold for me? I guess if this doesn't kill me, it will make me stronger.


  1. You go girl. Hilarious...don't get stuck on the pot.


  2. Oh dear, Mimi....I can almost feel your pain as I read this. Do you wish you were a male so you wouldn't have to sit down??????

  3. Been there...done that....don't want to go there again. Hope today helps work out some of the kinks.


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