Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ooooh, my! This setting up a new blog is time consuming! I had a devil of a time setting things the way I want them, but I think I have it now.

Tomorrow I'll post a picture of a quilt I just finished for my sewing sanctuary. It's a messy sanctuary at this time, but I'm a messy-creative girl!!

I'm excited about doing the Geese in the Forest quilt from my scrap bin. I'll post pics as I get some blocks done.

Also, there is a new grandchild in the future, so there needs to be a new quilt design forming in my mind. It's all so exciting. I'm growing my grandbaby numbers to 5, yep, I said FIVE. I'm soooo extremely blessed. I pray God protects my daughter to keep her from harm, the baby to be healthy, and her family all be well and happy.

Today Karen (friend from work) brought me two gifts! One from the prayer group, lots of sweet things that will be fun...a book, a journal, some teas, some bath thingies, dish towels, a pot holder, etc. Then there was a huge box full of things from the secretaries. The box held tons of stuff...a spring pen holder with a place for a note pad, quilting magazine, word puzzle books, a massage book (for Rick to give me a massage), candy, fruit, popcorn, a candle, lotion, note cards, 3 containers of frozen soups, wheat bread from Great Harvest Bread Company and a bag of fabric scraps! (And more that I can't even recall at this time.) It was so sweet of everyone to do such a nice thing. It made me feel very special.

Goodnight, time for nighty night.


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