Friday, February 20, 2009

Two posts in one day? What's going on here??

Ok, ok...I've got the bug now and new batteries in my digital camera! I'm not the greatest photographer on earth, but I'm okay enough to share these pics with you.

I made this quilt just to hang in my sewing heaven. My sewing heaven is the entire upstairs of my cape cod style home. As a child, I always wanted this room to be MY room, but being the youngest of three kids, my time never came to make it my bedroom. Now that I'm grown and we purchased the home for our family, it is MY SEWING HEAVEN. These crazy ladies now keep me company.

These are the "girls". I really think they need to be named, but I'll have to ponder that. Would you like to help? I'd appreciate your comments.

Lastly, I did my first paper pieced block ever!

I'll not bore you with more of my babble today, but being home and having the time, I love blogging.


  1. How nice to hear from you! When we lived in Kent, we called it the Wretched Courier, which I'm sure you've heard before. Loved our years there.

    Welcome to blogland. You'll want to set your profile so that when you leave comments people can respond directly . . . . .

  2. I think one of the ladies is a Lucretia, and is Delilah. Don't worry, these aren't names we are considering for anything else! :)

  3. My friends and I bought this fabric for a friend and we each signed one of the girls that looked most like us. This is such a fun fabric. Gracie Lou is a beauty!


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