Saturday, February 21, 2009

25 things

I laughed when someone sent this to me. It's what every man wants! ----------------------->
If you click on it you can read the buttons.

Some time ago, my daughter Kelly asked me to write down 25 things. She had done it on Facebook and "tagged" me. I didn't know just how to do it on Facebook, but I know how to do it here. I'll share with you.

1. I'm a very sensitive woman.

2. I used to cook everything from scratch when my children were little and I was a stay-at-home mom.

3. My happiest times were when my children thought I was the bestest, greatest and smartest.

4. I found Mr. Right the first time and we are still together and as happy (or happier) than when we were first married over 40 years ago.

5. I am so looking forward to retirement.

6. My favorite color is RED.

7. My second favorite color is PINK.

8. I have wonderful children.

9. My wonderful daughters have wonderful husbands.

10. I think MY grandchildren are the best grandchildren!

11. I wish I were a better housekeeper.

12. I pray for my family each and every day.

13. I buy my girls the latest "gadget" almost every year for Christmas and they laugh!

14. I bought my husband woman's shoes for Christmas this year! (Without his knowledge)

15. Those shoes went back to the store...dammit! :)

16. I love garage sales.

17. I spend way too much time on the computer, browsing quilting sites and playing games.

18. I wish my children lived closer to me so I could be more involved in their lives. I should add that I would like them to want me to be more in their lives.

19. I stick my head in the sand. I hate confrontation.

20. I love to quilt and sew.

21. I also like to craft.

22. I'm very proud of my daughters.

23. I am very blessed.

24. I am a clutterer and I hate it.

25. I am nearly crying...observing one's self is harder than it seems.

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  1. Hi, Mimi! I saw you on my bog as a follower, and I came to find you.....

    I am a bit new to blogging too, but really find it fun. I read a few blogs regularly, and then visit many others when I have time. I am sure we will blog together often!



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